Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s vivarium operations experience 25% increase in efficiency with Cayuse

50% savings in time and effort anticipated with the Cayuse Vet Care app

Integrated solutions streamline workflows and access to data

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is the nation’s first hospital devoted exclusively to caring for children. Since 1855, CHOP has focused on delivering safe, high-quality care while fostering medical discoveries and innovations to improve pediatric healthcare and save lives.

A Cayuse customer since 2009, CHOP’s vivarium facility is an extensive operation managing over 12,000 rodent cages as well as a variety of other animals. 

CHOP currently uses the Cayuse Vivarium Operations apps Animal Inventory, Animal Procurement, Billing, and Services. They also have Vet Care and are in the process of activating the app to better manage their animal medical care and records.

Laike Stewart, Sr. Director and Attending Veterinarian, explains that CHOP’s IACUC vendor solution integrates with Cayuse Animal Procurement, making it easy to quickly understand research approvals and the number of animals allowed, per protocol, to maintain compliance.

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“Our IACUC solution integrates with Cayuse Animal Procurement. It’s very beneficial to know whether or not researchers are hitting the limits of what they are approved for, in order to maintain compliance.”

Laike Stewart
Sr. Director and Attending Veterinarian

Easy-to-use apps and at-the-ready tech support improve processes

Keyu (Brian) Wu, Sr. Manager Business Unit Finance, finds that one of the key benefits of using Animal Procurement and Animal Inventory revolves around ease of use. 

Animal Procurement allows all animal orders, reviews, approvals, scheduled deliveries, and receipts to be captured in one system. Animal Inventory easily tracks cages, census activity and recovering care day charges and integrates seamlessly with Animal Procurement and Vet Care. 

“The apps are easy to navigate, very user friendly and not overly complicated. They’re actually very straightforward,” Brian says, adding that, “we have had a very positive user experience with them.” 

Accuracy and the ability to quickly address any data errors is also important to the CHOP team. Brian explains that, “We do weekly scanning and as long as the scanning is done well the inventory reporting is very accurate. But, if there is an error in scanning it’s easy to fix without having to do a complete rescan.”

When questions or issues arise, Cayuse customer support is at the ready. Brian appreciates the tech support team, “They’re very helpful and responsive,” Brian says, “The turnaround times are quick, and we work with the same person every time who knows CHOP and has all our history, so that is very beneficial.”

“Animal Procurement and Animal Inventory are easy to navigate, straightforward, and user friendly. We have had no issues with the apps.”

Keyu Wu
Sr. Manager Business Unit Finance

A cloud-connected platform increases efficiency by as much as 50%

In his past experience, Laike remembers what it was like to work at other organizations that did not have integrated research management systems in place.

“You know, I’ve been in several positions, back in the early 2000s, where we had some early versions of electronic billing systems and people always complained. What Cayuse offers is light years beyond those systems. Cayuse is extremely efficient,” Laike says, “I would hazard that we’ve easily seen an increase in 25% efficiency in terms of billing and reconciliation with Cayuse Billing.”

Increasing efficiency with fewer errors
CHOP is looking forward to getting Vet Care processes online. Currently, animal care and service charges are reported by the vet techs and the paperwork is turned over to the business office to manually enter for billing. “Once we get Vet Care, the vet techs will enter the data directly into the system and all the charges will be tracked,” Laike says, “and when that happens we anticipate a 50% savings in time and effort.”

Making a positive impact on the environment
CHOP wants to adopt more technology to streamline their animal care and record keeping. Laike says, “We want to move away from paper so we can be more environmentally conscious while being better stewards of the data we are responsible for.” With the Vet Care app, the team will be able to enter health information, send emails, and attach files on the spot. “No more taking notes on paper and going back to the computer to complete the work,” adds Laike.

The future of truly effective research administration is in the cloud
The team at CHOP is pleased with the ready adoption of Cayuse Vivarium Operations apps. Brian says, “You know, that when people who use the system every day don’t complain and don’t see anything negative, then that is a very positive place to be!” As a result, CHOP is in the process of considering Proposals (S2S) as well as the compliance suite apps: Outside Interests, Human Ethics, and Hazard Safety to continue to modernize their processes and build out their platform integration.

Cayuse is proud to support CHOP’s research and the hospital’s commitment to care and innovation that has repeatedly earned them a spot in the U.S. News & World Report’s Honor Roll of the nation’s best children’s hospitals.

“We’ve seen about a 25% increase in efficiency with Cayuse Billing.

As for the Vet Care app, we anticipate at least 50% savings in time and effort.”

Laike Stewart Wu
Sr. Director and Attending Veterinarian

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