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ISO 27001 Certification Delivers Them All

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty …”

While we’re all proud here at Cayuse to receive ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 27001 certification, I would never compare the accomplishment to anything Teddy faced as the leader of the free world. Sure, the process of certification took nearly two years of intensive review, organizational teamwork, hard work, technology updates, process modifications, training, more modifications and more training, but the real winners are our customers.

ISO 27001 certification instills confidence that Cayuse is doing everything possible to protect customer data and manage risk. Managing risk may sound a little sketchy when talking about security certifications, but that’s really where it all starts. By designing, implementing and validating processes that ensure information security controls are met, Cayuse manages risk in the best way possible – by minimizing it.

Peace of mind is a luxury rarely enjoyed by those of us in heavily regulated industries. ISO 27001 certification is especially important for sponsored research customers, as it specifies many controls that help customers meet regulatory requirements. Exactly how data is handled, stored, accessed and moved directly impacts compliance requirements, too. Only Cayuse protects research processes and data with ISO 27001 certification, the international gold standard for cloud-based information security and data privacy.

Research and higher education facilities are among the largest growing targets for cybersecurity breaches. Organizations with ISO 27001 certification have third-party verification that all confidential information is secure from technical, process and organizational perspectives. As a global standard, ISO certification employs best-practices accumulated across borders and industries, meaning Cayuse customers are protected by the very best in safety and security features.

Safely in the Cloud – The Cayuse Research Suite
If you’re thinking of moving research administration to the cloud – and who isn’t? – you’ll want to go with a vendor that takes the security of your data as seriously as you do. For more than two decades, Cayuse has served the research administration community with cloud-based solutions that streamline processes and improve performance. Cayuse goes the extra mile as the only provider of research administration solutions with ISO 27001 vendor certification, meaning people, processes, systems and technologies are periodically reviewed to ensure your information security.

There’s a lot more detail to exactly how ISO 27001 certification is met, but the lasting values are much simpler. Cayuse protects everything you do with the Cayuse Research Suite, so your research team and your institution enjoy the full benefits of cloud computing – the Cayuse way:

• Easy anywhere, anytime internet access – great for mobile workforces
• Improved collaboration with a digital workspace for administrators, researchers and committees
• Delivers new feature enhancements fast for immediate user benefits
• Improves productivity with instant, no-hassle upgrades and feature enhancements
• No infrastructure costs and capital expenses from hardware purchases
• Fast implementations that shorten ROI and don’t tax your IT department
• No IT needed for ongoing maintenance, upgrades, data backups and disaster recovery

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