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Integrate Research Data with Institutional Business Systems

By integrating critical project data with your institutional business systems, Cayuse Connect Modules help you improve research efficiency, data accuracy, and compliance. Comprehensive connectivity ensures accurate institutional and research data for timely reporting and analysis. Easy to use and backed by the best customer support in the industry – that’s Cayuse Connect.

Efficiency Drives Better Decisions

Sharing data across systems ensures data accuracy, saves staff valuable time, and drives better decision making throughout the research organization.

Save Money. Do More.

Integrating proposal data with existing eRA tools streamlines processes, leverages current investments, and gives your team more time to increase output.

Best-of-Breed Performance

Seamless data sharing across eRA and institutional systems delivers best-of-breed performance by giving all your applications the chance to do what they do best.


One Data Set to Rule Them All

Easily share, track, and maintain a single version of your most important project data with Cayuse Connect Modules. Leveraging integration ensures your research institution uses the same data set to populate pre-award, post-award, and business applications. Enter critical data once, and use it throughout the project life cycle knowing Cayuse Connect Modules ensure accurate data is maintained within all your systems of record.


Comprehensive Connectivity

Cayuse Connect Modules provide integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Data Warehouse, and Authentication systems through four integration modules: HR Connect, Data Connect, Single Sign-On, and APIs for Cayuse 424. Leveraging integration enables your institution to reduce or eliminate duplicate data entry, automate redundant functions, enhance data integrity, and facilitate transparent and simple access to campus systems. Cayuse Connect Modules deliver comprehensive data integration and the best user experience in the industry.

Do What You Were Meant To Do

Cayuse Connect Modules simplify research administration by seamlessly sharing data between the Cayuse Research Suite and your existing institutional business applications and eRA systems. Through process automation and advanced data integration, your team gets more time to focus on strategic initiatives and increasing productivity. Cayuse Connect Modules also help optimize application performance by maintaining a single set of accurate data for all your critical research and business systems.

User Friendly

Extend usability to work easier and more efficiently with Cayuse Connect. From integration to your existing business systems to the ease of single sign-on, Cayuse is committed to making the most user-friendly advanced automation solutions in the industry.

Data Connect

Provide a simplified way for users to extract raw data from Cayuse 424 and Cayuse SP for detailed research reports. Users gain secure access to specific report data — including proposals, awards, projects, persons, departments, sponsors, subcontracts, and F&A rates. With a simple click, Data Connect exports specified data into CSV and Excel formats for easy manipulation in standard desktop software.

HR Connect

Synchronize Cayuse 424 and Cayuse SP personnel information with your institution’s existing Human Capital Management solution. Updates can be scheduled according to user requirements and operate entirely in the background once scheduled. HR Connect updates user profiles and adds new users and maps data to more than 60 possible fields, including: name, phone, department, address, employee ID number, and title information.

API Connect

Enable Cayuse 424 users to integrate federal grant proposal data directly into existing eRA systems. Integration is simple and helps institutions leverage capital expenses with current eRA tools and expedite S2S submissions to federal funding agencies. API Connect eliminates duplicate data entry, preserves data integrity, and helps ease your administrative burden.

SSO Connect

Gain a simple and easy way to integrate Cayuse 424 and Cayuse SP with your institution’s authentication system. By using existing institution user names and passwords, SSO (Single Sign On) Connect creates a convenient login that simplifies user access and enhances the overall user experience. SSO Connect supports popular Shibboleth version 2.x and CAS single sign on solutions.

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