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Keep animal facilities safe and compliant

Lab Animal Research Facilities Management Software

It’s difficult to manage a lab animal research facility, considering tasks like feeding, care, staffing, and billing. Paper-based systems don’t reflect sudden changes, and even technology doesn’t always meet staff needs.

For efficient facilities management, you need a high-level overview as well as real-time insight into critical issues. 

Cayuse’s facilities management software provides powerful visibility into data and reduces administrative burden, facilitating communication, teamwork, and animal welfareIt’s supported by three decades of experience and leadership in life sciences research and facility management.

Our animal research facilities solutions help you:

  • Avoid non-compliance fines and penalties while reducing overall compliance risk
  • Maintain necessary employee certifications
  • Ensure smooth management of lab animal facilities
  • Procure research animals and schedule veterinary care
  • Oversee and schedule facility personnel
  • Instantly adapt to animal illness or staff absence
  • Accurately manage census, service charges, billing, and forecasting

“What used to take up to 20 minutes of frustration with the old system now takes less than 5 with the Cayuse products. We’re able to do our work much quicker and easier.”

Mark Tennant, IT Software Support for IACUC & Animal Resource Center

Ready for easier facilities management?

Learn more about our lab animal research facilities software:

Modernize animal ordering and receiving with easy order submission, modification, and approval.

Improve census accuracy with historical and daily animal tracking.

Gain real-time cageside visibility into animal health for optimal care.

Optimize scheduling with daily planning, forecasting, and auto-generated daily schedules.

Foster safety by cross-referencing staff qualifications with research activities.

Automate facility service charges for frustration-free billing.

Bill and forecast accurately with automatic electronic invoices and real-time service charges.

Get value faster with industry-leading implementation

In the past two years, 98% of our implementations were on time and on budget. You can trust our fast and reliable implementation process, which includes a “go-live” date you can count on. You’ll never be surprised by ballooning costs, either. We’re the only partner to guarantee total costs for implementation before you sign a contract. Learn More >>

“Implementing Cayuse was a straightforward process, which we were able to finish well ahead of schedule.”

Dale Anderson
Data Manager, Office of Sponsored Research Services
University of Oklahoma

World-class customer service

All of our support centers are based in the U.S., and all of our Implementation and Solutions Consultants are former research administrators.

“We have a really good relationship with the Cayuse Support Team. Everybody is responsive, and if they can't fix something right away, we know they are on it and researching a solution.”

Echo Medina
Data Business Analyst
Rice University

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