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Efficiently manage service charges

Improve the accuracy and accessibility of service charges with the eSirius Service Charges Application.

eSirius Service Charge Management allows for the easy tracking and billing of completed services. By grouping services together, setting up lists and preferences, and automatically pulling in charges from the Vet Care Management application, the handling of service charges has never been simpler.

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Data Accuracy

Dealing with charges can be frustrating for business office staff. Speed up the process without losing data integrity by automating service charge management. The application can be set up with program-specific services and rates, so that the creation, adjustment, and billing of groups and packages is just a click away.

Data Accessibility

Pulling service charge reports can be an hours-long project if done manually or pulling from disparate applications. With on-demand searches and reporting tools, creating reports for current and historical service and supply requests/charges will take mere minutes.

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