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Animal research service charges management software

Simplify facility service charges

Make billing easier by automatically tracking completed services

No one wants to lose money, but that’s exactly what can happen if it’s hard for your business office to accurately calculate facilities charges. Having information in different systems can make it especially difficult to ensure grant-to-project congruency.

Now you can speed up the billing process without losing data integrity with Cayuse Service Charges. It’s the best, most intuitive software for automating service charge management.

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Better Services Management

Cayuse Service Charges is 100% paperless and integrates with your existing systems

Ensure data accuracy

Speed up data accessibility

Facilitate billing for services

Fast Reporting

Pulling service charge reports can be an hours-long project if done manually or pulling from disparate applications. With Cayuse Service Charges, creating reports for current and historical service and supply requests/charges takes mere minutes.

Cayuse Service Charges integrates with our Billing application for greater data accuracy and accessibility.

Powerful Features


Enter program-specific services and rates during setup


Create service groups and packages by grouping services and setting up lists and preferences


Quickly and easily adjust service charges


Automatically bill service/supply groups or packages by category and billable item

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