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Animal research training records management software

Keep researchers and animals safe

Make sure staff have the training they need

Before research facility staff can work with animals or biohazards, they need proper training—for compliance as well as peace of mind. But when you have lots of protocols and staff members, keeping track of everyone’s qualifications and matching them with research activities is a monumental task.

It’s easy with Cayuse Training Management. The intuitive solution is the best way to track staff certifications, improve compliance, and ensure everyone’s safety.

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Better Training Management

Cayuse Training Management is 100% paperless and integrates with your existing systems

Save time

Improve staff safety

Reduce risk of noncompliance

Improved Compliance

With Cayuse Training Management, researchers can easily view personnel qualifications during protocol authorship to ensure staff listed on their protocol have or will receive the required training.

Training coordinators and management can also view personnel qualifications to ensure staff have received the required training for the research activities.

Powerful Features


Set up requirements by activities, species, procedures, and hazardous agents


Track training at the personnel, species, and activity level


Expedite protocol authorship and approval by automatically tracking training requirements

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