Welcome to the new Cayuse!

We are pleased to announce that Cayuse, the leader in SaaS research management solutions, has spun off from Evisions and is operating as an independent company. For almost 20 years we have served the research community by innovating and delivering solutions that simplify the business of research administration. This new chapter brings a fresh look, a renewed focus and an even stronger commitment to supporting our customers and the research community.

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Why did Cayuse spin out from Evisions? What are the benefits to operating as an independent company?

After listening to our customers and the marketplace, we decided that operating as a standalone company under new ownership was the best path for the Cayuse brand, the company and its customers. It will empower us to focus solely on the needs of the research community, and we will be better able to serve our customers and accelerate our vision to provide the most modern, user-friendly SaaS eRA solutions on the market.

What does this mean for current customers?

This new chapter will renew our focus on product investment and expansion of the Cayuse product line. Cayuse customers can expect product improvements in shorter timeframes and enhancements to the excellent customer support they’ve come to expect from our team.

How does this affect the Cayuse employees and leadership?

Cayuse will continue to operate out of our Portland office and all current employees working in the research arm at Evisions are now Cayuse employees. We expect to grow the team in the coming months. Our leadership team will include Matt McLellan as president and CEO at Cayuse; Jeff Colley as Vice President of Customer Success; and Linda Wilkinson as Vice President of Development.

How will this impact the Cayuse products?

Day-to-day use of Cayuse products will be business as usual. You may notice some branding changes in future product releases, but this will have no impact on your use of our products. Over time customers will also see the results of increased investment in continuous innovation and delivery of new solutions and enhancements.

Where do I go for support?

Cayuse Research Suite’s current support channels will remain the same. Until further notice, all Cayuse Research Suite customers will have access to experienced Cayuse customer support professionals through support.evisions.com. As we complete the internal transition we will deploy a new support system for customers.

Will this affect the pricing/terms of my existing subscription?

No, we will honor the terms of all existing contracts, and pricing for your current solution(s) will not be affected by this change.

I’m currently evaluating a Cayuse solution for use at my organization, what does this mean for me?

We’d love to speak with you. This new chapter at Cayuse will bring an even greater level of service and product innovation to research organizations across the United States and around the world. With over 150 active customers and a 98% customer retention rate, we are confident we will be able to meet your needs and provide you with outstanding solutions.

Will Cayuse attend and sponsor research administration and compliance events?

Yes! We are honored to remain partners with the user communities and societies that support research administration such as SRA International, NCURA and PRIM&R. Be sure to come by and see us at: NCURA Annual – 6-9 Aug, Washington DC; SRA Annual – 14-18 October, Vancouver, Canada; PRIM&R Annual – 6-8 Nov, San Antonio, TX

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