Over the last decade this app has proven its transformative potential in terms of enhancing operational efficiency, visibility, and connections between all stakeholders involved in commercializing research: inventors, researchers, law firms, licensees, and prospective licensees.

 Introducing Cayuse Inventions—a New App Joining the Cayuse Suite

Cayuse recently launched Cayuse Inventions, a powerful tool built to manage all aspects of the lab-to-market process related to technology transfer, IP management, and research commercialization. Developed with top-tier technology transfer offices, Inventions seamlessly integrates with the full range of apps on the Cayuse Research Suite.

The From > To shift Cayuse Inventions enables for research organizations

Cayuse Inventions was originally developed in 2011 by the tech transfer professionals at The Ohio State University, and perfected by Innovate IP in partnership with Duke, Washington University, and other top institutions. Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Innovate IP CEO, Jim Bratton, and ask him some questions about Inventions and the transformative technology that will help customers better manage all aspects of the lab-to-market process and their tech transfer challenges. 

Here’s a snapshot of Jim’s comments in lieu of watching the video:

  1. How did Innovate IP come to be?

Innovate IP was created at Ohio State University by software developers who assisted the tech transfer office with managing a variety of platforms. They decided they could build something better suited for tech transfer than what was commercially available at the time. They built the platform and shared it with Duke University who liked it and wanted to use it. Ultimately, Ohio State created the startup and licensed the software to Innovate IP. Spoon after

Washington University and Saint Louis became customers,  as did Nationwide Children’s Hospital. We now have great brand name customers who have been great advocates for our company.

  1. What do you see as the full range of the value and benefit that customers experience with Innovate IP?

The value chain around tech transfer is concerned with managing inventions and new discoveries from funded research to moving that invention from the lab to market. Steps include:

  • Evaluating the invention for its patentability
  • Finding a commercial partner who can bring the idea into a product or service to benefit society, or have a commercial application
  • Enabling and transferring the knowledge and assets to the outside partner which could be a startup, or an existing enterprise

All along the way Innovate IP has a variety of features that record that info and meta data and we have modules that work with outside parties, for example working with law firms in the prosecution of a patent, or working with a licensee once they have licensed the tech and need to be complaint on their obligations back to the university. We also have modules for finding partners and for reporting and marketing inventions out to the public.

Our iEdison compliance fulfills the obligation to report back to the government. and there’s a robust finance package for managing costs and the revenue received and how that revenue is distributed according to the university’s revenue distribution policy, which can be complex with much tracking and reporting.

  1. What makes you most excited about Innovate IP joining the Cayuse research suite?

The people, for one! Everyone I’ve met at Cayuse has been great and I’m thrilled to join this community. Cayuse is a strong partner and this is a great strategic fit for us. The data and assets we manage in Innovate IP are very intertwined with the data and resources in the Cayuse platform. I think our customers will find an ease of administration, efficiency, and continuity of data they haven’t had before and this will enable them to spend less time administrating and more time commercialising. More time working with inventors and researchers and less time looking for files and executing reports. I’m very excited about unleashing the potential of this integrated collaboration with Cayuse.