Animal facility staff scheduling software

Simplify research facility scheduling

Adjust staffing in real time to deliver optimal animal care

At animal research facilities, managing staff, animals, and rooms is frustratingly complex. Spreadsheets and paper records quickly become outdated after employee call-outs or emergencies. Tasks can slip through the cracks, reporting is difficult, and managers risk noncompliance fines.

Now animal facility managers can easily allocate staff in real time, quickly respond to changes, and deliver optimal animal care. It’s all possible with Schedules.

Animal facility staff scheduling software

A better way to balance schedules

Schedules is 100% paperless and integrates with your existing systems

Increase efficiency and transparency

Improve communication and responsiveness

Leverage analytics

Benefits for managers

  • Schedule and balance staff, rooms, and facilities
  • Assign tasks to qualified staff
  • Respond immediately to unplanned absences and activities
  • Plan for PTO and holidays
  • Quickly access in-app reports for trends, forecasting, and site inspections

Benefits for staff


View daily schedules on mobile devices


See schedule changes in real time


Update assignments on the floor


Send alerts for potential issues


Submit time-off requests easily

“Schedules provides us with the task management, people management, and time management that we’ve been lacking with our current systems. The ease of scheduling and making changes or corrections is refreshing, and the more we set up and use the metrics, the more information becomes available to us. We look forward to continuing to utilize all that Schedules has to offer.”

Kimberly Scott, Operations Manager
Veterinary Medicine & Surgery

Vivarium Operations

Modernize your animal lab facility, from procurement to invoicing. Easily manage animal orders, census tracking, and billing with transparency into real-time data.


Simplify and optimize staff scheduling with task metrics, visibility into staff availability and qualifications, real-time schedule updates, and forecasting.

Vet Care

Increase efficiency, gain real-time cageside visibility into animal health, and maintain ongoing animal care with automated vet care processes.

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