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Cayuse IRB

Human Subjects Research Simplified.

Built by research administrators, Cayuse IRB simplifies management of your entire human subjects research portfolio with best-practice workflows that improve productivity, mitigate risk and ensure compliance. A modern, user-friendly interface guides users through the complexities of protocol completion, submission, approval and closure. Automated routing with data transparency reduces IRB review and approval times, and easy, cloud-based access is guarded with ISO 27001 certified information security and data privacy.

Benchmarked Best Practices

Ensure processes deliver maximum efficiency, compliance and ease of use with workflows designed with an AAHRPP accredited partner

Flexible Smart Forms

Easily create, update and modify complex questionnaires and forms with a simple drag-and-drop designer

It’s Better in the Cloud

Fast implementation, no infrastructure costs, improved data integrity, secured access anytime from anywhere, plus a unified, collaborative workspace for all


ISO 27001 Certified

Experience secure anytime, anywhere access from the only eRA provider with ISO 27001 vendor certification – so you know your data is always safe!

Missouri State improves collaboration with Cayuse IRB.

Listen to Erin Parrish, Director of Research Administration describe both the direct and indirect benefits of collaboration while implementing and using Cayuse IRB on campus at Missouri State.


Smart Forms for Intelligent Processing

Bring order and simplicity to the creation, modification and completion of forms. Intuitive Smart Forms use an easy drag-and-drop builder to create and update forms, so you don’t need costly consultants or IT help. Build forms that dynamically skip or withhold questions, depending on given answers, saving valuable processing time. Smart Forms also can be viewed and completed by multiple preparers in a secure environment, allowing for easy collaboration and a more streamlined process.

Roles-based Dashboards

Single-screen views of all phases of a protocol enable broad collaboration, increase user efficiency and simplify institutional compliance. Role-based dashboards present protocol information, status and tasks relative to your function, making it easier to find and complete your job at hand. Users performing multiple roles can easily switch between views to more efficiently identify what needs to be done for each role and each protocol.

Certified Time Savings

Designed with an AAHRPP accredited partner, workflows deliver maximum efficiency and ease of use. Principal investigators and staff can review, finalize and submit protocols from anywhere with online submissions. Protocols reach your IRB office in real time, and electronic routing expedites the back and forth of the review and approval process. Automated notifications ensure protocols receive timely attention, while comments and updates are timestamped to certify document integrity.

High-Performance Meetings

Automating workflows is great, but compliant, integrated workflows are even better! Cayuse IRB drives performance through meetings by integrating preparation and scheduling, agenda creation, attendance tracking and meeting minutes into one solution. Agendas are automatically populated as protocols are added to meeting schedules. Protocol status is dynamically updated, capturing relevant tasks, action items, timelines and responsible associates. All discussions and notes, including attendance, are easily captured as meeting minutes to simplify compliance.

It’s Better in the Cloud

All the benefits of Cayuse IRB automation are accessible anytime, anywhere through Cayuse’s cloud-based technology. Implementation times are lightning fast, and organizations eliminate infrastructure investments, disruptive upgrades, complicated customizations and untimely backups. Processes and documents in the cloud deliver better data security, improved application uptime and reduced impact on IT resources. The cloud also encourages collaboration, as the same, familiar, easy-to-use workspace is accessible to all team members.

User Friendly

Backed by two decades of satisfying the unique needs of research organizations, Cayuse IRB helps simplify the complex compliance issues surrounding human subjects research. Cayuse IRB features an intuitive user-friendly interface that adapts to existing workflows to make the way you work easier and more productive. All innovative Cayuse software solutions are built to enhance and advance society and include the best support services in the industry.