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Simplify growing your research funding, ranking and reputation.

Federal Research Grant Proposal Software

Cayuse 424: System-to-System Electronic Proposal Development and Submission

Simplify how you create, review, approve, and electronically submit federal grant proposals.

Cayuse Sponsored Research Project Software

Cayuse SP: End-to-End Sponsored Research Project Lifecycle Portfolio Management

Easily view and manage each phase of your research project life cycles from a central, secure data repository.

Protocol Creation and Submission Management

Cayuse IRB: Human Protocol Creation, Submission and Management

Go paperless and gain visibility into the entire IRB review and submission process.

Cayuse IACUC Animal Protocol Management

Cayuse IACUC: Animal Protocol Creation, Submission, and Management

Go paperless and increase efficiency and transparency throughout all of your IACUC processes.

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With a large and loyal customer base, nearly 1/3 of the top 100 research institutions in the U.S. utilize Cayuse 424

Ease-of-Use Remains our Guiding Principal Today

The Cayuse Research Suite is centered on the Cayuse solutions first developed by Dr. Chris Harker in 1994. At the time Dr. Harker was a medical researcher, faculty member, and Laboratory Director at Oregon Health Sciences University. He wanted to develop an easier way to…

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Cayuse launches next version of industry-leading software for preparing and submitting federal research funding applications

Company continues to push innovation in research administration software

PORTLAND, Ore. (Dec. 12, 2017) — Cayuse, a leader in research administration software for universities, hospitals and research institutes, today announced the release of the latest version of Cayuse 424…

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