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Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Stay up to date with the latest thought leadership in research administration.

2018 SRA International Annual Meeting Retrospective

What We Learned From SRA 2018 While there continues to be a refinement of government regulations around things like tech transfer, at the moment there aren't any new substantial government policy changes causing angst in the research community. However, four themes...

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Rounding Up the Round-Up for Research Administration Day

Well, how do Cayuse Customers Round Up the Round-Up? We believe each day is National Research Administration Day and proof was found all around at the Cayuse Round-Up, our annual customer event. So, how do Cayuse customers round up the Round-Up? It’s simple. With...

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An Inside Look at a High-Volume Research Office

Cayuse recently had the opportunity to speak with Melinda Cotton, Assistant Vice President of Sponsored Programs at the University of Alabama, Birmingham (UAB). UAB handles over $480 million in awards each year.

In an ever-changing research environment, research offices of all sizes are continually being forced to evolve. With mounting pressures on campuses to increase their funding when there is less funding overall to be won, large and small research…

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Chris Harker and the Story of Cayuse, From 1994 to Today

The Cayuse Research Suite is centered on the Cayuse solutions first developed by Dr. Chris Harker in 1994. At the time Dr. Harker was a medical researcher, faculty member, and Laboratory Director at Oregon Health Sciences University. He wanted to develop an easier way to…

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5 Tips for Surviving the Next Big Proposal Deadline

I don't need to tell you how stressful proposal deadlines can be. Here are five tips to help you make it through: 1. Eat Lunch Let’s face it. It’s a miracle on a normal day to eat lunch away from your desk, let alone out of the office. And, now that you have a big...

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Reflections on Research Administration

At Cayuse, we understand the amazing yet thankless work that research administrators do on a daily basis. If it weren’t for them (and the great researchers they serve, of course) we wouldn’t benefit from many of the societal and scientific advancements that enhance...

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Why Cayuse Loves Research Administrator Day

It’s safe to assume that for most people September 25 is just another regular day, unless it’s your birthday or you’re a fan of National One-Hit Wonder Day or National Comic Book Day. But thanks to our friends at the National Council of University Research...

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Software for Managing Crowdfunded Research Projects

What do you know about crowdfunded research projects?  Most college and university research administrators are very familiar with the term “sponsored research,” meaning projects that are funded by a specific sponsor, that are restricted in the use of the funds, and...

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5 Reasons to Love IACUC

IACUC, the latest solution in the Cayuse Research Suite, is here! We love IACUC, and we’re sure you will, too. Here are five reasons why: It’s All About the Animals IACUC was designed to put the humane care and use of animal research subjects first. With built-in...

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