Optimize sponsored project planning

Hierarchy of Research Administration Needs: Optimize Planning

“Our ability to give quick reporting and on-the-fly records or numbers or facts to our campus administration has increased dramatically.”

Gina Hedberg
Director of Office of Sponsored Projects

University of South Alabama

Are you able to plan using forecasting data?

Many research teams are so overloaded they can only focus on the present. Even if there was time for planning, the data necessary is often locked away in difficult-to-access systems, and reports only come out monthly or quarterly. There can be serious consequences to not having transparency and real-time data, such as overspending, gaps in animal facility coverage, and being unprepared for audits.

Cayuse provides real-time data:

Cost projections

Generate forecasts to see various potential situations so you can make smart decisions.

Multi-year project tracking

See current-year spending, prior year spend-down, and future years’ balances in one place.

On-demand reports

It’s quick and painless to run custom reports anytime, instead of waiting for data from others.

Remote access

Get the information you need anywhere with an internet connection.

“Using Cayuse helps us quickly know what we need to do, what we haven’t done, what we may have done wrong, and what we still need to do. It makes sure we don’t forget things.”

Kathy Lyons
Manager of Grants & Sponsored Programs

University of Delaware

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Meeting the Unique Challenges of Sponsored Award Management

Optimize planning in every area

Sponsored Projects

Prepare proposals using error validation, auto-fill, a budget builder, routing, and subawards.

Health and Safety

Speed up protocol review with electronic routing, notifications, and more.

Outside Interests

Disclose conflict of interests in just a few minutes for quick review.

Effort Certification

Easily provide required verification statements and signatures.

Training Records

Quickly verify staff trainings and certifications.


Respond immediately to changes, assign tasks, and monitor staffing. See schedules on mobile devices.

Animal Care

Get automated notifications, instant animal health data, invoices, and easier billing.

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