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Accessing your data is as crucial as ensuring its security. While the Cayuse Platform provides a secure, centralized hub for easy storage and accessibility, the need to extract Cayuse data to your own management systems for reporting and analytics may arise.

Report Connector for Sponsored Projects lets you connect directly to your Cayuse data using your own reporting infrastructure including data warehouse and BI tools. Automated for large-scale data retrieval, Report Connector provides data exchange extract capability in formats including .csv, .json, .xls, and more.

With queryable standard fields and a growing Data Dictionary, Report Connector makes data extraction from Cayuse easier than ever. 

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Access your data in the formats you need

Large-scale data extraction, formatted to work with your reporting API.

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Organize with Tables

Report Connector organizes your extracted data into tables for standard data elements including:

  • Awards
  • Proposals
  • Submissions
  • Subaward
  • Research Team Member

Additional standard data elements will be added in future updates to Report Connector.


Data Dictionaries

    Report Connector utilizes a Data Dictionary to maintain standardized data. The Cayuse Data Dictionary is defined based on existing data models and industry standards and best practices. Future interactions will be refined and enhanced using feedback from customers and market needs. The Cayuse Data Dictionary will eventually encompass all data elements across all aspects of the research lifecycle.

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