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Better Research Administration Software Implementations

Implementing most eRA solutions comes with two major risks: surprise costs and slow roll-out. Cayuse protects you from both. In the past two years, 98% of our implementations have been delivered on time and within budget. Here’s why:

Implementation experts

All of our Professional Services Consultants are former research administrators. Our implementation project managers are experienced in applying our products in research-intensive environments.

Resource planning

We employ a documented resource planning process that lays out which resources will be required from your organization and when, enabling you to effectively plan and manage your team.

Best practice reviews

First, we thoroughly assess your current policies and procedures and recommend improvements based on our vast experience with research teams of all sizes. Then we agree on a final end state and implement the software with that state in mind.

Know the Cost Before, Not After, Implementation

Other vendors ask you to sign a contract without knowing the total cost of implementation. The longer implementation takes, the more you pay. With Cayuse, you’ll know exactly how much your implementation will cost. We guarantee that price before you sign a contract.

Easier vendor evaluation

Our fixed implementation costs make it easier to compare potential solutions on a level playing field, unlike vague implementation costs.


With Cayuse, you never pay more than the stated cost. Other vendors’ costs often balloon far beyond what was expected, and total costs aren’t clear for years.

Less risk

Due to the nature of fixed costs, Cayuse bears the risk and liability, not you. It’s in our best interest to work as efficiently as possible.

The Fastest Time-To-Value

Most vendors’ implementations require a minimum of two to three years, and the process often extends much longer. In contrast, implementation of the entire Cayuse research administration suite takes only six to eight months. With some modules, your team can begin using the platform in as little as six weeks.

Faster ROI

The quicker the implementation, the sooner you experience greater efficiency and award volume at your institution.

Greater adoption rates

Every Cayuse customer receives a “go-live” date that they can count on. This results in very high user adoption.

Higher satisfaction

Avoid frustrating delays and vague timelines. With Cayuse, momentum and buy-in remain high throughout the process.

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