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Research administration software for easier research management

Simplify research management

Improve efficiency, collaboration, and compliance

Managing research administration with spreadsheets and paper files is exhausting—and can lead to errors and noncompliance. You need a simple yet powerful solution to make processes more manageable. You need Cayuse.

Save time and make staff happy with our integrated research administration suite. Our software solutions simplify everything from pre- and post-award to compliance and facilities management. We consistently implement them on time and on budget, backed by the best customer support in the industry.

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Everything you need from one provider

Using multiple integrated Cayuse research administration solutions gives you several benefits:

Faster procurement process

Quicker, easier staff training

No duplicate data entry

Administrator benefits


Save time submitting proposals and managing sponsored projects


Increase collaboration with PIs


Speed up compliance protocol review process

Researcher benefits


Reduce administrative burden


Start research sooner


Easily check remaining funding

“[With Cayuse,] efficiency has improved, and the ability to give quick reporting to our campus administration has increased dramatically.”

Gina Hedberg, Director, Office of Sponsored Projects

Pre-award solutions

Quickly find new sources of financial support. Search and get automatic updates from the most comprehensive database of funding opportunities, from local to federal.

Reduce proposal preparation time and improve firsttime submission success rate with the only standalone system-to-system solution.

Simplify sponsored project lifecycle management from proposal creation to close-out. Access awards, budgets, personnel, events, and subcontracts from a single screen.

Track pre- and post-award activities in one system and take advantage of greater visibility into your grant funding portfolio and research projects.

Post-award solutions

Manage a sponsored project funding portfolio, report on spend-down, encumbered, or accrued expenses, and run projections/what-if scenarios.

Ensure faculty meet their commitments to a sponsored project. Comply with federal and institutional effort certification, as well as payroll verification policies.

Compliance solutions

Make the disclosure process painless and increase faculty participation. Complete, track, and manage disclosures in minutes for more efficient research administration.

Stay compliant, reduce approval time, and remove complexity from the protocol process. Keep research on schedule with improved collaboration and transparency.

Improve collaboration among administrators,
researchers, and committee members with electronic protocol preparation, submission, and routing.

Gain visibility into the lifecycle of animal research protocols. Shorten turnaround time for protocol review and approval while reducing noncompliance risks.

Animal facility solutions

Modernize animal ordering and receiving with easy order submission, modification, and approval. Ensure compliance with approved protocol balance validation.

Improve census management and achieve accurate care-day charges with automated census activities and real-time inventory reconciliation.

Increase efficiency, gain real-time cageside visibility into animal health, and maintain ongoing animal care with automated vet care processes.

Expedite the protocol approval process and foster a culture of safety by automatically cross-referencing staff qualifications with research activities.

Simplify and optimize staff scheduling with task
metrics, visibility into staff availability and qualifications, real-time schedule updates, and forecasting.

Improve the accuracy and accessibility of facility service charges with easy tracking and frustration-free billing of completed services.

Ensure grant or account congruency with accessibility to accurate billing information and the ability to reallocate charges across funds prior to period close.

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