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Increase efficiency and stay compliant with animal research facility software

Electronic research administration resources

See how eRA solutions can make your life easier, how to evaluate your options, and how to make a strong business case for software with these free whitepapers, workbooks, and on-demand webinars.

Pre-award resources


Watch a demo of Pivot, which helps you find more funding faster. 60 minutes.

Cayuse 424

See the gold standard of system-to-system submission software, plus ways to integrate Cayuse 424 with your existing eRA system.

How to find and secure funding

Learn key strategies for identifying funding opportunities. 30 minutes.

4 common pre-award office challenges and how to solve them

Learn how to save time, improve efficiency, and increase proposal success.

Make the business case for software to identify funding

Get tips to secure budget and approval for the solution you need (such as Pivot).

Going digital with cloud-based eRA

Find out why you should move to a cloud-based eRA system and how to do it.

The 4 Cs of quality eRA solutions

Learn how to evaluate eRA options based on collaboration, convenience, cost, and compliance.

Post-award resources

Meeting the unique challenges of sponsored award mangement

Learn why you shouldn’t rely on accounting software to manage research funds.

Make the business case for award finance management software

Learn how to create a compelling case for software to help manage spend and make projections.

Manage spend-down and increase visibility into funding

See how to run projections and “what-if” scenarios to simplify grant expenditure reporting. 30 minutes.

Strategies to manage your institution’s financials

See how to audit-proof your post-award financials and find a solution that meets your needs. 30 minutes.

Make the business case for grant management software

Use this step-by-step guide to create a compelling case for eRA software at your office.

Questions to ask award finance management software vendors

Use this printable checklist to find the best research finance management solution for you.

Strategies for modern grant management

Learn how to make a strong business case for an eRA solution and then evaluate your options. 30 minutes.

5 reasons you need a cloud-based eRA solution

Get compelling arguments to help overcome your organization’s fear of change.

Compliance resources

Cayuse IBC demo

See how easy it can be to manage the entire lifecycle of a biosafety protocol. You’ll save time and minimize risk too. 30 minutes.

How National University became more efficient with Cayuse IRB

Hear 3 things you can do today to make your IRB office more efficient with Cayuse IRB. 30 minutes.

How IRB software can help you comply with Common Rule updates

Read compliance tips from two authors from Wake Forest School of Medicine and learn how to apply them to your institution.

Facilities management resources

Increase efficiency & stay compliant with animal research facility software

Learn how to save time and improve operations with our research facility solutions.

Resource Scheduling demo

See how Cayuse Resource Scheduling can help you simplify complex scheduling and reporting tasks in this on-demand webinar.

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