“You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation.” – Gordon B. Hinckley 

Your research may not be steeped in building codes and architectural guidelines, but it most certainly requires a solid foundation for effective and successful research activities. 

For example, if your research program is rooted in manual, paper processes or disconnected systems that leave your team in a constant state of searching, routing, and questioning (or even completely unaware of the status of activities), you need to take a closer look at your foundation. 

If your research organization has operated using the same systems and processes for years, the idea that your foundation could be shaky may feel a bit uncomfortable. However, if you’re like many of the institutions and organizations we work with, you also are experiencing challenges with principal investigator (PI) adoption, success, and satisfaction. The truth is, with disconnected or manual systems in place, it can be difficult for your PIs to find the right information. Your PIs may feel overwhelmed by the various systems, which leads to dissatisfaction and potential errors.

As many of your peers have discovered, making the shift to a digital, modern, cloud-based platform helps to stabilize your research program’s foundation and enable your team to conduct better research, locally and globally. 

Shifting to a Strong, Modern, Digital Foundation

At Cayuse, our Research Suite is built on a solid foundation—also known as the Cayuse Platform—that enables seamless data integration and sharing, cross-function reporting, enhanced remote collaboration, and more. Think of the Cayuse Platform as the structural foundation or the solid ground for your research activities. You can build upon this foundation with research solutions that support everything from fund finding to commercialization. You also can integrate your existing solutions (e.g., ERP, CTMS, payroll, business intelligence tools, learning management solutions, home-grown solutions, etc.), ensuring seamless data transfers, better communication and optimal visibility across all activities and stakeholders. 

One of the key benefits of using a modern, digital platform like the Cayuse Platform is that you can enter data into the system once and that data will be instantly shared across the entire research suite. This means that all stakeholders will have instant access to up-to-date information without the hassle of updating multiple systems or teams. With the Cayuse Platform, you can easily switch between research solutions and manage users, units, and teams. This is particularly important because it streamlines and facilitates reviews much easier. The Platform houses all of your institutional information about departments, groups, and people, so your solutions can easily pull from this information to complete tasks and send appropriate notifications.

Globally Connected Research Community

Digital solutions like the Cayuse Research Suite and Cayuse Platform  enable global research, quicker than ever before. When great minds have the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and challenge each other, the entire research community benefits and outcomes are accelerated. At Cayuse, our mission is to empower organizations to conduct globally connected research and sponsored projects that advance their impact on science, discovery, and society. To do that, we have built a solid foundation and modern technology for research activities. Your research projects are important and deserve an ecosystem that encourages, empowers, and engages your research team and their important work.