This first-of-its-kind survey taps into current trends, technology, challenges, and changes impacting research administration today

In spring 2021 Cayuse sent an in-depth survey to customers to develop a deeper understanding of the challenges, pain points, questions, and concerns facing research organizations today as they cope with the impact of COVID-19.  

Over 600 participants from 264 organizations responded to survey questions exploring digital transformation, efficiency gaps, and the profound impact of technology on the research administration landscape. We looked at budgets, staffing, metrics, and growth planning, as well as key priorities for 2021 and beyond through the prism of the entire research lifecycle, including:

  • Pre-award management
  • Post-award management
  • Risk management/compliance
  • Resource management

The Cayuse Benchmark Report report reflects our core mission of empowering globally connected research, by sharing technology trends and analysis that can help inform research organizations large and small,” said Cayuse CEO Matt McLellan.

The survey identified several key themes across the industry:

  • Increased workloads. The pandemic caused an increase in workloads due to shifting priorities and many survey participants indicated a belief that they will continue to increase in 2022.
  • Returning to the office is yet to be determined, but for most across the industry, pre-COVID work models will be forever changed.
  • Greater adoption of technology improves research collaboration. Integrated technology and collaboration go hand in hand and many believe technology is the future of research administration.
  • The challenge of driving research program growth and tracking results is often due to disconnected systems and processes. Integrated technology connecting systems and improving workflow is essential to maximize growth potential.
  • Needs and expectations for technology point toward integrated solutions that are easy to use, and easy to maintain, combined with reliably excellent customer support.

Learn more about the current state of the research administration industry. The full report can be downloaded here.

Watch the Cayuse Benchmark Report webinar on-demand, here.