Here at Cayuse, we know that Pride is more than parades, flags, and rainbow logos. It’s a movement, a statement and a commitment to championing diversity, driving change, and living our values.

We’re proud to have a wonderfully diverse team, collaborating from all over the
world, and we’re honored to work with extraordinary organizations, whose research is essential in driving social progress.

We asked our Chief Operating Officer, Michele Maynard, for her thoughts:
“Cayuse is a stronger team due to the diversity of our workforce,” says Michele. “And we are committed to taking actions that create an inclusive, safe and supportive work environment for our LGBTQIA+ colleagues. I know this first hand, as an out lesbian and the Chief Operating Officer at Cayuse.

“At Cayuse, we prioritize creating an equitable hiring process, promoting inclusive behaviors, supporting our Equity Committee’s recommendations, providing a flexible and remote work environment, and providing autonomy to colleagues in applying their strengths to their work. We are dedicated to taking ongoing actions that foster a sense of belonging among our team members. We highly encourage LGBTQIA+ candidates to apply to work with us!”

Happy Pride Month, from everyone at Cayuse.