We’re betting that you don’t need another reason to celebrate your organization’s research administrators, but Research Administrator Day is a great one.

Every year, in September, we join the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) to celebrate the often unsung heroes of research across the globe. Playing a critical role in every successful proposal and project, research administrators are some of the hardest working people in any institution. It’s thanks to their expertise and foresight that researchers are able to focus their time and efforts on the research itself, enabling discovery, innovation, and change.

A year unlike any other

This year, more than ever, when scholarship, research, and invention have saved billions of lives throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we think its high time we put research administrators in the spotlight.

When the public wonders how Covid-19 vaccines were created and approved in record time, researchers know that their administrators helped to make it possible. By guiding their teams through innumerable processes, submissions, revisions, compliance protocols, spending, reporting, and more, they smoothed the way to success, as they do for every research project in every field.

Cayuse stands behind research administrators everywhere

Here at Cayuse, our mission is to create an empowered global research community. Research administrators are at the very heart of that community.

In fact, our full suite of connected Cayuse apps is designed to streamline processes and ease administrative burden, saving thousands of hours and allowing administrators and researchers alike to focus their energy and skill where it’s most needed. Many members of our global team are former research administrators, and they play a key role in accurately tailoring our apps to help institutions reap real-world benefits.

On behalf of the entire Cayuse team, we’d like to say a huge thank you to all of you who work as research administrators tirelessly helping advance our knowledge and capabilities across the globe. Here’s to you!