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5 Reasons to Consider Cloud-based eRA

Cloud-based eRA solutions are all the rage in research administration and for good reason. They provide tons of convenience with minimal cost. So, why are institutions so reluctant to modernize? In my opinion, it stems from the fact that our industry is fear-based. If...

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The Unexpected Path to Research Administration

In honor of the first annual Research Administrator Day, we interviewed Cayuse staff who have previously worked in Research Administration and asked them about the path that led them into the unique field of work. Many did not set out to be a Research Administrator,...

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Seven Ways to Prepare Your Research Office to Go Digital

So, your research office wants to go paperless. Maybe you want to cut back on paper files to save money or trees. Or maybe your paper load is starting to compromise the integrity of your filing cabinets (or even your building—it can happen!). Switching to an...

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Simplify Your Compliance Process by Going Paperless

Research involving human and animal subjects can involve serious risks to the subjects themselves. Failing to conduct research involving human and animal subjects in adherence to laws and guidelines not only places subjects at serious risk, but institutions and...

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Best Practices for Subrecipient Awards Management

To sum up how many people feel about subrecipient monitoring, you can’t do much better than to just say, it's a big pain in the you-know-what. There are regulations to follow, subcontractors to keep tabs on, money to allocate and plenty of risks to manage. But when...

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Field Guide to the Changing Research Funding Landscape

As the availability of federal funding has decreased in recent years, diversifying your funding sources has become critical to cultivating a successful portfolio. The first step to ensuring that diversity is to make sure you’re familiar with every corner of the...

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Practical Tips for Research Admin Success

Working in research administration can certainly be rewarding, but it’s not what you would call a low-stress gig. The Office of Sponsored Projects is a fast-paced, high-pressure environment—and little wonder, given the gauntlet of approval steps that every proposal...

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