At Cayuse, we’re focused on architecting a connected research enterprise, that easily scales to meet your specific needs and easily connects to all your key systems. Our suite of apps is designed to maximize efficiency while managing risk from pre- and post-award through resource management to driving research outcomes and researcher success. Our suite of apps sits on top of the Cayuse Research Enterprise Platform where all the data resides in one central and connected hub. cloud-based research suite

Our platform maximizes productivity with proposals, animal operations, and connects critical business systems through:

  • Central administration: All your data is located in one place with easy-access dashboards, reporting, and analytics that give you visibility to what’s happening at your organization and helping to identify problems before they escalate—or make the news. 
  • Cross-app workflows: Whatever your mix of software apps, the Cayuse platform allows you to set up workflows that integrate with your tools.
  • API’s for simplifying integrations: Open APIs mean that your IT team or our professional services team can configure any system you need to integrate into the Cayuse platform.
  • Open and interoperable architecture: Our rich partner ecosystem makes it convenient to connect to any enterprise system:

Why customers and partners trust our secure cloud platform

Security is at the forefront of Cayuse’s technology planning. We follow industry best practices for configuration management, login authorization processes, centralized authentication and logging, monitoring and alerting to on-call personnel, as well as secure host access and administration. We are SOC 2 compliant—the highest level of security available for a SaaS company.

We’re committed to on-time, on-budget platform integration

Integration with the platform is straightforward. A dedicated project manager walks you through the process every step of the way:

  1. It starts with a discovery phase that includes data preparation and input readiness.
  2. The configuration stage is up next when we develop integrations based on your requirements and test them.
  3. Then we’ll run through a tech and process review for the applications deployed on the platform.
  4. Next, we’ll establish users, roles, and permissions outlining who needs access to what.
  5. Finally, we’ll confirm the test environment and get everyone trained before going live.

Our dedication to innovation

We are dedicated to advancing all of our applications and our Cayuse Platform infrastructure. When your organization embarks on a major technology purchase that is likely going to have an impact for years to come, it’s important to understand Cayuse’s approach to innovation. Our product innovation starts with the key challenges research organizations face every day, followed by customer input. This is what drives us to deliver stronger capabilities, new apps, and updates that create a measurable impact for our customers, so you can maximize your investment.