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Embrace Technology for Improving Efficiency in Research Administration

Of all the goals to focus on for improving efficiency in research administration, your return on investment will be the most evident and most measurable when dedicating time to enhance your technology.  According to an article written by Brianna Murphy at Washington State University in NCURA’s January/February 2017 edition, technology is the most effective resource offices can invest in.

Embrace technology for improving efficiency in research administratin

Why Improve Technology?

There are many possible solutions to improving efficiency in research administration. In the financial and research management realm, you could use time and money to focus on team building activities and create an environment of less stress or a different definition of success for your team. Even though those things are important and shouldn’t be ignored, focusing on enhancing your research administration software technology to improve efficiency will be demonstrated beyond the basic return on investment. Not only does improved technology offer solutions in supporting the effort and process of research management it also improves operating efficiency and enhances collaboration.

Deciding on Change

Like many goals, it’s simple to say that you or your office need to grasp technology to improve efficiency in research administration. It’s easy to say that you want to change the current system due to inefficiency and it’s easy to say that you want to move towards a paperless process for managing the various pieces of your grants and their funding cycles. The application of that paradigm shift can be much more complex without an existing system in place that has been tested and used over a significant period of time such as our research management software. Start the process of moving forward by prioritizing the most important gaps in your current process. Once the target of change is specific make the goals measurable and achievable by using metrics and cost-benefit analysis to point the leaders in the right direction. Decision makers need to understand how this shift in moving toward technology will increase the output, eliminate compliance problems, and make getting from point A to point B more seamless than utilizing the current process. Once the vision has been outlined, team members need to balance patience and persistence with bureaucracy. The reality is that change takes time whether this is for a small college with a few grants or a large research hospital. When staff and management are committed to a different mind shift the resources and support will follow.

Make the Decision a Reality

IT Works is able to customize our unique software to meet your needs. Our products were intentionally created to be continually updated and will adapt to your changing needs and improvement requests. Our goal is to improve efficiency in research administration. The ability to stay on track while meeting deadlines and hitting overlapping milestones is a challenge all grants managers struggle with whether at a small college or at a large research university. Eliminating the amount of time it takes between milestones, invoicing, project approvals, and budget adjustments are all important explanations for why IT Works can help you streamline the process. IT Works has done the hard work for you up front and understands the need for efficiency in research administration software solutions that streamline effort reporting, and seamless financial accounting all in one place. To learn more about a grant management system that can handle all of these aspects, contact our team today.