Over the years, we’ve found that members of the research community are often working in decentralized, disconnected, and highly regulated environments. Organizations find themselves working with a collection of outdated, home-grown solutions that don’t talk to each other and leave space for error, duplication, and endless email traffic. 

At Cayuse, we help bring order to this chaos, giving organizations the tools they need to manage their research efficiently. This leaves researchers with the time and space to do what they do best: bring new ideas and discoveries to light and turn them into products and services to help our global community thrive.

Based on our work with 450+ customers across higher education, healthcare, hospitals, and government organizations, we saw the need for a new framework to support digital transformation across the research enterprise. This was the idea behind our full suite: a central, cloud-based hub with everything an organization needs to manage an entire research lifecycle efficiently and securely.

We built the Cayuse Research Suite to empower our customers, helping them solve some of the challenges we hear about time and time again: 

  • Ensuring compliance to constantly changing regulations
  • Doing more with less time and fewer resources
  • Connecting, managing, and sharing data, and using it optimize planning

From finding funds to promoting research outcomes, all Cayuse applications are integrated and fully compatible, sharing information and keeping everyone in the loop.

The vision: a connected research enterprise

In solving these challenges, we’re helping our customers create a connected enterprise across the entire research lifecycle, where all the relevant administrative data is kept in one place, with single sign-on and intuitive user dashboards. Systems can be accessed remotely 24/7, and you can track the progress of every process and procedure in real-time, saving valuable hours and easing email traffic. 

Our applications help teams optimize across all areas of research, from pre- and post-award to risk and resource management. We also have software focused specifically on the faculty side, an area we call Researcher Success, as well as on Research Outcomes, which includes an online repository and tech transfer and commercialization. 

This suite of applications sits on top of the Cayuse Research Enterprise Platform, designed to easily connect all your key systems, support a variety of analytics and help manage training.

Time to value: Our commitment to your implementation success will help you achieve a quick return on your new investment. We guarantee on-time and on-budget implementations, with a 100% go-live rate.

A focus on customer success: Every customer has a dedicated Customer Success Manager who ensures that your institution is getting the most out of the software. We’re committed to delivering user-requested enhancements, which means our customer satisfaction rates are well above the (computer software) industry average of 79%. 

A full-suite cloud strategy: Modern research organizations want an end-to-end platform, rather than point solutions, with all the proven advantages of a cloud-based platform over on-premises or hosted ones. Cayuse delivers major new functionality every quarter while guaranteeing upgrading integrity at all times. We’ve also got the industry’s best tech security in place, as we’re the only ones in our field that are SOC-2 compliant (May).

A community beyond the technology: All customers are invited to join our online Cayuse Community, where you can share valuable advice and best practice with fellow users, and discuss issues affecting the global research community.

There’s no one-size-fits all answer

We know from decades of working with organizations around the world that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We also know that when organizations find the answer to one challenge in their research lifecycle, they start to wonder what other solutions might be available and if they can all connect within a single system.

That’s why many Cayuse Research Suite customers started with just one or two applications, building their platform over time by adding more. Knowing that all Cayuse software is configurable to the unique needs of its institution, users can soon start to visualize how processes and efficiency can be improved in every area of their work.

“We were trying to fit Cayuse into a much smaller box than was intended and so we knew we just needed more,” says Audra Gravatt, Senior Grants & Contracts Manager at The Geneva Foundation. “We didn’t even realize that there were systems out there that could do all of these things, that could really make that integration possible.”

Today, over 60% of the world’s top research organizations trust Cayuse with their research and many of these are using the entire Research Suite. “With Cayuse, we eliminated thousands of administrative hours annually while growing, since we don’t have as much administrative burden. Now more resources can go to the investigators.”  Illinois State University – saving $250k+ annually with Cayuse.

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