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Canada is home to many brilliant innovators and groundbreaking researchers who’ve brought us everything from the walkie-talkie and IMAX movie system to the pacemaker and the ebola vaccine. It’s no exaggeration to say Canadians have shaped our world.

To optimize research spending and stay competitive, Canadian research organizations need modern, integrated solutions that are based in the cloud and have top-of-the-line security. And now it’s easier to do research according to Canadian regulations in a global research environment with Cayuse!

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Process Pathways Inc. has been driving innovation in electronic research administration for many years. Now since Cayuse and Process Pathways have merged in 2018, we’ve worked together to create the most powerful research cloud platform in the industry, with a connected suite of apps. Whether it’s staying compliant with TCPS 2, CCAC, Public Health Canada, reducing annual Form 300 burdens, or creating a more data-driven approach to managing your award portfolio, Cayuse can help.

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“What used to take up to 20 minutes of frustration with the old system now takes less than 5 with the Cayuse products. We’re able to do our work much quicker and easier.”

Mark Tennant
IT Software Support for IACUC & Animal Resource Center

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Cayuse currently serves more than 360 academic institutions, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospitals, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations around the world. Our worldwide customer base spans from North America to Singapore, including many of the largest research institutions.

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