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What makes Cayuse a great place to work?


Inspiration:  We make life easier for research administrators and principal investigators, so they can devote more time to the research, inventions, and breakthroughs that make our world a better place. 

Momentum:  With a strong financial foundation, ambitious growth plans, and several new products under development, it’s an exciting time to join our growing team. 

Culture:  Cayuse is rooted in customer- and employee-focused values. We champion effective communication, respect, transparency, and inclusion. 

Commitment to Equity:  Cayuse promotes equity and inclusivity through initiatives, programs, and policies that address historically marginalized communities, prevent discrimination and harassment, and create a workplace where employees can come to work every day knowing that they belong.

Location:  Wherever you are is fine with us, since most of our jobs can be performed at remote locations! We’re headquartered in Portland, Oregon and for those living in the Portland area, who want to work in the office, our downtown location offers stunning views and is easily accessible by bike and public transit.

Perks:  We believe in promoting a healthy work/life balance, with generous benefits, holidays, PTO, flexible schedules, work-from-home options, and paid parental leave. A remote work stipend, free transit passes, reimbursed gym memberships, and sit-stand desks are a few of the amenities we offer.