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Faster, More Transparent Reporting With Cayuse Grants

Texas Biomedical Research Institute


After decades of success as an independent research institute, Texas Biomedical found itself at a crossroads: Either continue administering its growing research portfolio with an Access database and paper-based system, or replace them with commercial research administration software.

According to Jonathan Scudder, the Institute’s Manager of Sponsored Programs Administration, maintenance and other issues continued cropping up in the Access database. “We had a few database crashes,” he recalls, in which a month’s worth of data was lost.

“We didn’t realize the database had corrupted until we ran a report out of it. After the second time of that happening, we decided it was a losing battle to try to support it. On top of that, there were a lot of issues regarding the formatting of reports coming straight out of Access. They needed to be massaged a bit to get into a useful format.”

The laborious manual processes of tasks such as formatting reports and maintaining the database consumed about half of the time of the Institute’s sponsored programs director. Quarterly reports took about 20 hours to create and another five to six hours to vet, while annual reporting consumed 30-35 hours to program, produce, and vet, Scudder estimates.

“After the second time [the database was corrupted], we decided it was a losing battle to try to support it.

Jonathan Scudder
Manager of Sponsored Programs Administration


When the previous director retired, his replacement initiated a search for a more efficient solution. The evaluation team reached out to an online list serve to solicit recommendations. A range of suggested products was narrowed to four of the industry’s well-known vendors.

“Our process was seeing what value everyone brought to the table,” Scudder says. “Cayuse had the most experience, had a proven, long-term product.” The company’s customer support was also an advantage, he adds. “That was the main thing that attracted me to them. Their timeliness, the quality of responses to our questions—and we had a lot—we just thought all the things they could bring to the table were the most valuable for the price offered.”

The Institute implemented the Cayuse Grant Management product. Scudder says the ease of porting data from Access was good, and that the initial setup “was pretty much fantastic. The financial stuff, the PIs, the installment data were all very easy to see that it was ported over. The reports were pretty awesome just to see in a snapshot.”

Thanks to Cayuse, the time required for quarterly reporting was reduced from 25 hours to 3 hours, while annual reporting fell from 30+ hours to about 10.


Following implementation, reporting quickly became more efficient. “With the forms view in Access, a lot of things are hidden,” Scudder says. “You don’t know the implications of changing one thing until you actually run the report. Cayuse Grant Management is a lot more straightforward; you see changes being made and reflected in the summary page right after the change is made. It’s more useful for vetting while in data entry mode than it was Access.”

The time required for quarterly reporting was reduced from 20 to 25 hours with Access to two to three hours with Cayuse Grant Management, while annual reporting fell from 30-plus hours to about 10, Scudder says. Another 30 or so requests each year have been streamlined from about two hours each to 15 minutes, he adds. Reports for the Institute’s CEO or CFO can be generated in less than a minute, he says, saving the time formerly consumed having to work on creating user-friendly reports for them.

Another benefit has been the ability to cross check the Institute’s Oracle accounting system and detecting changes that need to be made there. Overall, Scudder summarizes, “Cayuse has allowed us to get more done with fewer resources. That’s what it boils down to.”

“Cayuse has allowed us to get more done with fewer resources. That’s what it boils down to.”

Jonathan Scudder
Manager of Sponsored Programs Administration

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