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Building or even just maintaining software to develop and submit federal proposals is harder (and more expensive) than it looks. To do a complete job, many forms must be implemented and the more you implement, the more you have to maintain. Although the government seems to move slowly, the funding agencies have you greatly outnumbered.  Right when you think you have everything just so, new form versions are published or the agency business rules change.  All the forms must be renewed with OMB (Office of Management and Budget) every three years, so the agencies have a built-in opportunity to squeeze in another question or demand another data element (and almost without fail, they do).

Many organizations have built their own research administration software or opted to modify open source software to suit their needs. Without a doubt, this approach simplifies many of the research administration activities, but it doesn’t really help get the proposals built and submitted. What to do?

Cayuse has a way for you to keep using your research administration software, and integrate it with Cayuse 424 for federal proposal development and system to system (S2S) submission to both and The Cayuse 424 product is the industry leader in federal proposal submission, covering more than 99% of the opportunities offered on (including NIH Multi-Project) and providing real-time business rule validations from many federal agencies. Because it is software as a service (SaaS) product, Cayuse 424 is maintenance-free from an operational standpoint and is easily rolled out to campuses in as little as six weeks.

Cayuse already offers SOAP APIs, which customers are using to integrate their systems with Cayuse 424. Their research administration systems have the ability to initiate proposal creation, visit proposals in Cayuse 424 and control proposal access. To further reduce duplicate data entry and provide even greater control, Cayuse is working with customers to define a set of modern REST APIs for Cayuse 424. When completed, these REST APIs will give customers the programmatic control they want and access to the data they need, enabling them to create a happy marriage between their research administration system and Cayuse 424. (In other words, Cayuse 424 does whatever it is told to do.)

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