Cayuse is proud to announce the release of our latest addition to the Cayuse Research Suite: Report Connector for Sponsored Projects 4.0

Make the Most of Your Data

Rather than a standalone solution, Report Connector is a secure data extraction tool within Sponsored Projects for automated large-scale data retrieval in specific formats, including .csv, .xls, .json, and more. Report Connector provides users with full access to their data by facilitating data exchange extract capability from Sponsored Projects to data management systems including data warehouse and BI tools such as Tableau, Cognos, and Power BI.

How Does it Work?

Report Connector allows users to access their Cayuse data through standard fields generated in a queryable, tabular format for easy searchability. Users can utilize these fields to locate and extract a local copy of the data in the form of a table for use in reports.


The initial release of Report Connector includes tables for:

  • Awards
  • Proposals
  • Submissions
  • Subaward
  • Research Team Member

Data accessed through Report Connector is standardized through a Data Dictionary. The Cayuse Data Dictionary is currently defined based on existing data models and industry standards or best practices.

Coming Soon

Report Connector releases today for Sponsored Projects users. Contact Cayuse Support to explore getting started.

We will continue iterating the tool to ensure optimal functionality and expand the Data Dictionary via customer feedback and market needs. Although Report Connector is currently only available for Sponsored Projects, it will be expanded to other Cayuse applications as development progresses.

Watch our March 23rd webinar for an introduction and overview of Cayuse Report Connector.

About Cayuse

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