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Time is precious.
Cayuse saves you plenty.

Developed by research administration professionals, Cayuse provides a fully integrated proposal, award and compliance solution that streamlines sponsored project lifecycle management from proposal to award to close-out.

Transparency at University of South Alabama

Everything is going to become a transparent, a quicker, and a more efficient practice by virtue of having simultaneous actions going on during the proposing process.

Gina Hedberg, Director, Office of Sponsored Projects


Pre-Award Management

Find Funding for your Research Project with Pivot

Empowering the Research Enterprise

Pivot connects researchers to financial supporters by leveraging the most comprehensive global source of sponsored funding opportunities and provides scholarly profiles to match researchers with financial partners and collaborators.

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Find Funding for your Research Project with Pivot

Develop and Submit Proposals with Confidence

Cayuse 424 has long been recognized as the “gold standard” for system-to-system electronic submission software. Cayuse 424 users enjoy improved proposal success and a rapid return on investment – backed by the best customer support in the industry.

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Post-Award Management

Manage the entire project lifecycle with Cayuse SP

Sponsored Project Lifecycle Management

Deliver transparency and boost collaboration throughout each phase of the sponsored project lifecycle—from proposal creation to award close out.

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Connect Data to Actions with Cayuse Analytics

Make Better Decisions with Self-Service Analytics

With Cayuse Analytics you can easily visualize and analyze your research portfolio data to make better, more informed decisions and gain valuable insights to drive better outcomes anywhere and on any device.

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Manage the entire project lifecycle with Cayuse SP

Integrate Data with Institutional Business Systems

Cayuse Connect helps you improve efficiency, data accuracy, and compliance. Comprehensive connectivity ensures accurate institutional and research data for timely reporting and analysis.

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Manage the entire project lifecycle with Cayuse SP

Grant and Research Management

Grant and Research Management is our research administration and grant management software module designed for tracking pre- and post-award information for organizations with a significant number of sponsored projects.

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Manage the entire project lifecycle with Cayuse SP

Effort Certification

Effort Certification simplifies the certification process by providing a platform for automated preparation, review, and certification of all information related to payroll verification and/or effort certification and reporting.

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Manage the entire project lifecycle with Cayuse SP


Our state-of-the-art financial management solution supplements the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and General Ledger (GL) systems used in higher education, independent research institutes, and research hospitals.

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Manage the entire project lifecycle with Cayuse SP

Human Subjects Research

Cayuse IRB is an easy-to-use system for electronically preparing, submitting, and routing studies for IRB approval. All information is accessed securely from any location—making easy for multiple, simultaneous users to view and share documents.

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Manage the entire project lifecycle with Cayuse SP

Animal Subjects Research

Cayuse IACUC provides transparency into all phases of a protocol, enabling broad collaboration and increased efficiency among research administrators, PI’s, and IACUC members. Go paperless to save money and time.

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Manage the entire project lifecycle with Cayuse SP

Conflict of Interest

Cayuse COI is for institutions who need an easy way to manage their conflict of interest disclosure process so they can efficiently comply with sponsor and institutional COI management policies while minimizing the paperwork burden on researchers.

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Securely in the Cloud – ISO 27001 Certified

As the ONLY research administration solution ISO 27001 certified, the Cayuse Research Suite extends the full benefits of cloud computing to your research organization – safely and securely.

  • Improves uptime with greater than 99% availability
  • Supports your mobile workforce with anywhere, anytime internet access
  • Eliminates IT burden of ongoing maintenance, upgrades, data backups and disaster recovery
  • Improves productivity with instant, no-hassle feature enhancements and upgrades
  • Eliminates infrastructure costs and capital expenses, because no hardware to purchase