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Cayuse Research Suite

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The Cayuse Research Suite

Developed by research administration professionals, Cayuse provides a fully integrated proposal, award, and compliance solution that streamlines sponsored project life-cycle management from proposal to award to close-out.

Transparency at University of South Alabama

Everything is going to become a transparent, a quicker, and a more efficient practice by virtue of having simultaneous actions going on during the proposing process.

Gina Hedberg, Director, Office of Sponsored Projects


Pre-Award Management

Find Funding for your Research Project with Pivot

Empowering the Research Enterprise

Pivot connects researchers to financial supporters by leveraging the most comprehensive global source of sponsored funding opportunities and provides scholarly profiles to match researchers with financial partners and collaborators.

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Find Funding for your Research Project with Pivot

Develop and Submit Proposals with Confidence

Cayuse 424 has long been recognized as the “gold standard” for system-to-system electronic submission software. Cayuse 424 users enjoy improved proposal success and a rapid return on investment — backed by the best customer support in the industry.

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Post-Award Management

Manage the entire project lifecycle with Cayuse SP

Sponsored Project Lifecycle Management

Deliver transparency and boost collaboration throughout each phase of the sponsored project life cycle — from proposal creation to award close out.

Learn more about Cayuse SP

Manage the entire project lifecycle with Cayuse SP

Grant and Research Management

Grant and Research Management is our research administration and grant management software module designed for tracking pre- and post-award information for organizations with a significant number of sponsored projects.

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Connect Data to Actions with Cayuse Analytics

Make Better Decisions with Self-Service Analytics

With Cayuse Analytics, you can easily visualize and analyze your research portfolio data to make better, more informed decisions and gain valuable insights to drive better outcomes anywhere and on any device.

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Manage the entire project lifecycle with Cayuse SP

Integrate Data with Institutional Business Systems

Cayuse Connect helps you improve efficiency, data accuracy, and compliance. Comprehensive connectivity ensures accurate institutional and research data for timely reporting and analysis.

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Manage the entire project lifecycle with Cayuse SP


Our state-of-the-art financial management solution supplements the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and General Ledger (GL) systems used in higher education, independent research institutes, and research hospitals.

Learn more about Grant Financials

Manage the entire project lifecycle with Cayuse SP

Effort Certification

Effort Certification simplifies the certification process by providing a platform for automated preparation, review, and certification of all information related to payroll verification and/or effort certification and reporting.

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Manage the entire project lifecycle with Cayuse SP

Human Subjects Research

Cayuse IRB is an easy-to-use system for electronically preparing, submitting, and routing studies for IRB approval. All information is accessed securely from any location — making it easy for multiple users to view and share documents simultaneously.

Learn more about Cayuse IRB

Manage the entire project lifecycle with Cayuse SP

Animal Subjects Research

Cayuse IACUC provides transparency into all phases of a protocol, enabling broad collaboration and increased efficiency among research administrators, PI’s, and IACUC members. Go paperless to save money and time.

Learn more about Cayuse IACUC

Manage the entire project lifecycle with Cayuse SP

Conflict of Interest

Cayuse COI is for institutions that need an easy way to manage their conflict of interest disclosure process so they can efficiently comply with sponsor and institutional COI management policies while minimizing the paperwork burden on researchers.

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Client Testimonials

“We built an interface so we no longer have to go into Banner and do data entry. Now that we enter everything once in Cayuse SP, we’re saving a lot of time, especially for proposals.”
Aaron Parvis
Grants and Contracts Manager / Rice University
“We pride ourselves on providing a high level of service to our faculty and Cayuse 424 is designed to add an additional level of efficiency to our operation by eliminating redundant form preparation and providing a pre-submission validation check for all proposals.”
Andrea Deaton
Associate Vice President for Research, Executive Director for the Office of Research Services / University of Oklahoma
“During our implementation phase, [the Cayuse team] was very helpful and responsible, always trying [their] best to answer our questions and provide us customized solutions to meet our unique business needs regarding proposal and award budgets.”
Ning Zhuang
Manager, Data Warehouse / Whitehead Institute
“Implementing Cayuse 424 was a straightforward process, which we were able to finish well ahead of schedule. In addition, the ability to catch errors before submission has proved to be very helpful in improving our efficiency.”
Dale Anderson
Data Manager, Office of Sponsored Research Services / University of Oklahoma
“The Cayuse team was exceptionally responsive during our configuration phase. It was wonderful to watch our feedback being incorporated into the application before we even went live.”
Andy Nutter-Upham
Sr. Programmer/Analyst / Whitehead Institute
“The Cayuse Research Suite has simplified the process of having a proposal routed through the University and approved by administrators.”
Tim Clark, Ph.D
Associate Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry / USD College of Arts and Sciences
“Before the Cayuse Research Suite we had to dash from office to office getting approvals and signatures. Now the process is much more streamlined and efficient. I really like the ability to upload documents to Cayuse SP … and easily share information with other departments, so we are all on the same page at the same time.”
Susan Lord, Ph.D
Chair & Professor Electrical Engineering / University of San Diego
“When we first rolled out Cayuse SP, we encouraged people to use it, but we didn’t make it mandatory. People really started using it quickly, and within five months, we had 100% compliance. Everybody likes it, and we haven’t had any complaints.”
Melinda Cotten
Director, Office of Sponsor Programs / Rice University
“Before the Cayuse Research Suite we had to dash from office to office getting approvals and signatures. Now the process is much more streamlined and efficient. I really like the ability to upload documents to Cayuse SP and Cayuse 424, and easily share information with other departments, so we are all on the same page at the same time. The Cayuse Research Suite has made managing my grants much easier and faster.”
Jesi Betancourt
Assistant Director / USD Legal Clinics
“Cayuse 424 is simply the best, most intuitive proposal preparation software available. I do essentially no training for PIs. Rarely do we encounter an announcement that is unavailable through Cayuse 424.”
Bill Caskey
Director of Sponsored Research / Texas Biomedical Research Institute
“The Cayuse 424 system is designed to increase efficiency, accuracy, and platform stability and thus allows us to provide even higher levels of service to our faculty.”
Dr. Kelvin K. Droegemeier
Vice President for Research, Regents' Professor of Meteorology and Weathernews Chair Emeritus / University of Oklahoma
“I really appreciate being able to obtain all of the necessary approvals electronically. Given how busy administrators’ schedules are, it is very helpful that they can do an approval even if they are traveling.”
Susan Lord, Ph.D
Chair and Professor Electrical Engineering, USD / Shiley Marcos School of Engineering
“It felt like we were flying blind a little bit because we were one of the early adopters of Cayuse SP. It was a leap of faith on our part. But we have a fantastic in-house IT group, and there was a great collaboration between our institution and Cayuse. We’re very happy with our decision.”
Carla DeMaria
Director of Intellectual Property and Sponsored Programs / Whitehead Institute
“Compared to submission through, it is a dream and next to FastLane the best portal for submission I've seen. The features for transforming proposals make it easy on PIs, the built in error warning bar gives confidence that last minute submissions will make it through.”
Mary Hensel
Office of Research Development / University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
“The robust routing, workflow & reporting features of Cayuse SP combined with the ability to maintain comprehensive & complete records that include ALL related proposal & award documents will be a huge improvement to our current practices.”
Anne Schauer
Director of Research and Sponsored Projects / Miami University of Ohio
“We have a really good relationship with the Cayuse Support Team. Everybody is responsive, and if they can’t fix something right away, we know they are on it and researching a solution.”
Echo Medina
Data Business Analyst, Office of Sponsored Programs / Rice University