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Legacy of a federal grant proposal, IRISS study and its impact on public health

The legacy of a federal grant proposal: 10 years of the IRISS study and its impact on public health

In research and research administration, no deadline is more important, or stressful, than that of a federal grant proposal submission. In grant funding, competition is fierce. Federal funding levels fluctuate. Governmental research initiatives may not match up with the researchers’ areas of focus, etc. But what happens when you are awarded your grant, and the happy dance is done? You begin. In most cases, the principal investigator, research administrator and researchers head down a multi-year commitment. One that hopefully moves the needle forward and leads to being able to share the research and success.

Many research institutions are burdened by paper processes or the shortcomings of their home-grown eRA systems. From outdated approval processes to inconsistent budget preparation, to a total lack of transparency, research administrators and PIs across the globe continue to battle the same roadblocks on a daily basis.

This eBook provides suggestions and best practices for making the move to a cloud-based eRA system and doing away with antiquated processes that plague research administration.