IACUC protocol management software

Simplify your research processes

IACUC protocol management software

Easily manage the entire lifecycle of IACUC protocols

Compliance with animal research regulations is essential, but it’s taxing on your organization’s entire research community. Protocol review and approval is a major undertaking. Without transparency and efficient collaboration, it’s time-consuming and can delay research start time.

Are you ready to save time, increase transparency, and make researchers and staff happier? It’s possible with Animal Oversight, which helps you electronically prepare, submit, and route studies for committee approval.

IACUC protocol management software

Faster animal protocol management

Animal Oversight is 100% paperless and integrates with your existing systems

Shorten turnaround time

Improve internal communication

Reduce the risk of noncompliance

IACUC protocol management software

Improved compliance

Ensure research efforts conform to ethical guidelines with built-in industry components:

  • Workflows for compliance and protocols
  • Agenda management
  • Committee meeting management
  • Document reviews
  • Automatic notifications for annual and De Novo renewals
  • Filter-driven USDA and AAALAC reports

Powerful features


Improve internal collaboration and shorten protocol approval time with fully built-in workflow


Review protocols faster with instantaneous access to the latest version, track changes, and side-by-side version comparison


Know protocol status at all times with homepage dashboards displaying all critical workflow information


Support multiple independent IACUCs within the same organization

“We have been pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy the program is to use. Some researchers were submitting protocols without any training.”

Mark Douse, Ph.D., Director
Office for Research Committee Support

Want to see Animal Oversight in action?

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Human Ethics

Improve collaboration among administrators, researchers, and committee members with electronic protocol preparation, submission, and routing.

Animal Oversight

Increase transparency of animal research protocols. Shorten turnaround time for protocol review and approval while reducing noncompliance risks.

Hazard Safety

Stay compliant, reduce approval time, and remove complexity from the protocol process. Keep research on schedule with improved collaboration and transparency.

Outside Interests

Make the disclosure process painless and increase faculty participation. Complete, track, and manage disclosures in minutes for more efficient research administration.

Training Records

Expedite the protocol approval process and foster a culture of safety by automatically cross-referencing staff qualifications with research activities.

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