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Reduce potential compliance risks

From human and animal subject protocols to hazardous materials and potential conflicts of interest, research compliance can be complex. With involvement from many departments and stakeholders, ensuring compliance is often time-consuming. High scrutiny and policy changes only add to the challenges.

You need a faster process for protocol review. An easier way to identify risks, monitor progress, and preserve integrity without impeding science. A centralized place to collect all necessary information, approvals, and supporting documents before deadlines.

Cayuse’s research compliance software will help you adhere to regulations, increase collaboration, and reduce administrative burden. We stay ahead of the latest regulatory changes and make sure Cayuse products help you adhere to them. They’re all supported by three decades of experience and leadership in life sciences research and facility management.

Our compliance solutions help you:

  • Protect subjects, researchers, and the reputation of the institution
  • Electronically prepare, submit, and route studies for committee approval
  • Quickly view all critical information
  • Save time, reduce errors, and mitigate risk
  • Enhance safety, privacy, security, and accountability
  • Increase satisfaction of researchers, participants, administrators, and regulators

Ready for easier compliance processes?

Human Ethics

Improve collaboration among administrators,
researchers, and committee members with electronic protocol preparation, submission, and routing.

Animal Oversight

Increase transparency of animal research protocols. Shorten turnaround time for protocol review and approval while reducing noncompliance risks.

Hazard Safety

Stay compliant, reduce approval time, and remove complexity from the protocol process. Keep research on schedule with improved collaboration and transparency.

Outside Interests

Make the disclosure process painless and increase faculty participation. Complete, track, and manage disclosures in minutes for more efficient research administration.

Training Records

Expedite the protocol approval process and foster a culture of safety by automatically cross-referencing staff qualifications with research activities.

Get value faster with industry-leading implementation

In the past two years, 98% of our implementations were on time and on budget. You can trust our fast and reliable implementation process, which includes a “go-live” date you can count on. You’ll never be surprised by ballooning costs, either. We’re the only partner to guarantee total costs for implementation before you sign a contract.

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“Implementing Cayuse was a straightforward process, which we were able to finish well ahead of schedule.”

Dale Anderson, Data Manager, Office of Sponsored Research Services
University of Oklahoma

World-class customer service

All of our support centers are based in the U.S., and all of our Implementation and Solutions Consultants are former research administrators.

“We have a really good relationship with the Cayuse Support Team. Everybody is responsive, and if they can't fix something right away, we know they are on it and researching a solution.”

Echo Medina, Data Business Analyst
Rice University

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