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Conflict of Interest Disclosure Software

Make COI Disclosures Painless

Complete, track, & review disclosures in minutes

Today, it’s more important than ever for research staff to complete conflict of interest (COI) disclosures. Failure to disclose risks serious repercussions, from whistleblower reporting and agency investigation, to grant suspension and public mistrust.

Now you can stay compliant and save time with Cayuse COI. It’s so easy to use, no training is required!

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A Faster Disclosure Process

Cayuse COI is 100% paperless, driving higher adoption and completion.

Increase transparency & accountability

Improve faculty participation

Quickly generate real-time reports

Administrator Benefits


Auto-approve disclosures that have no potential conflict of interest


Ensure compliance and minimize liability


Gain a comprehensive, transparent overview into disclosure status


Easily search and export data

Researcher Benefits


Protect research integrity


Maintain high ethical standards


Save valuable time on administrative tasks and focus more on research

“We have totally simplified our process with Cayuse COI and now follow best practices with ready-to-go form templates, email reminders, and automated routing. We’re able to be proactive around disclosures and feel confident as an organization that we’re meeting compliance requirements.”

Michael Briggs, Director of Research Integrity

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