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Cayuse Facilities Management


A complete solution for Life Sciences research compliance and facility management, providing researchers with intuitive software to balance resources, manage protocols, streamline workflows, and meet the necessary compliance mandates.

Modernize animal
procurement and inventory

Easily manage the entire process of ordering and receiving animals for approved IACUC research protocols.


Manage clinical veterinary
care workflow

Get greater visibility into animal health, automate treatment plans, and schedule facility staff.


Get real-time information to help you efficiently balance staff, rooms, and facilities.

Easily track
staff qualifications

Improve compliance and foster a safe environment by cross-referencing personnel-level training with research activities.

Efficiently manage
service charges

Improve accuracy by grouping services together, setting up charge lists, and automatically pulling in care charges.

Improve forecasting
and billing accuracy

Easily re-allocate charges across funds prior to period close for greater grant congruency.