Vivarium operations software

Modernize your animal lab facility

Easily manage animal orders, inventory, and billing with real-time data

Things are constantly changing at research facilities, and it can be hard to stay up to speed. From complicated procurement processes to outdated animal counts, it’s all too easy to waste time with paper or spreadsheets. You need correct, real-time data so research can start on time and accurate billing is easier.

Thankfully, that’s possible with Vivarium Operations. Now you can see real-time census data, avoid setbacks, and stay on top of changes. Compliance, accuracy, and peace of mind are just a few clicks away.

Vivarium operations software

Easier animal facility management

Vivarium Operations is fully cloud-based and integrates with your existing systems

Improve compliance

Increase efficiency

Achieve transparency

Cayuse animal inventory software

Modernize your facility

Vivarium Operations integrates with your existing software for better accuracy and efficiency. Plus, we’ll configure it to match your facility’s specific activities.

As a result, you have powerful visibility into your facility operations for smoother animal procurement, a more accurate census, faster billing and forecasting, and improved data integrity.

Powerful features


Submit, modify, and approve animal order requests


Automate facility service charges, electronic invoices, and recurring animal orders


Receive single or batch orders with a single click


Scan cages with a mobile app for real-time updates and inventory reconciliation


See historical and daily animal tracking

“It’s a lot easier for us to verify orders against the protocol with Cayuse, since the systems are integrated. It has enabled us to be ahead of regulatory compliance. We’re proactive instead of reactive.”

Lorraine Bell
Training Program Manager

University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus

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Vivarium Operations

Modernize your animal lab facility, from procurement to invoicing. Easily manage animal orders, census tracking, and billing with transparency into real-time data.


Simplify and optimize staff scheduling with task metrics, visibility into staff availability and qualifications, real-time schedule updates, and forecasting.

Vet Care

Increase efficiency, gain real-time cageside visibility into animal health, and maintain ongoing animal care with automated vet care processes.

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