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Balance staff, room and facilities scheduling

The first facility-specific scheduling application for better animal care.

eSirius for Resource Scheduling was designed and developed specifically to simplify the complex scheduling processes of animal research organizations. A sleek and modern application, Resource Scheduling enables quick adjustments to daily events like PTO, call-outs, and overtime, and drastic shifts of resources due to holidays or emergencies.

With access to the entire resource pool and corresponding availability at their fingertips, Facility Schedulers can now ensure laboratory animal care is never neglected while keeping optimal staffing levels.

Every eSirius software solution is backed by support from our dedicated Professional Services team.


Efficient Scheduling

Resource Scheduling allows Facility Schedulers to establish rack-cage-and-species-specific metrics, and plan using projections on census and staff fluctuations. Periodic time and motion studies can be conducted to assess the accuracy of metrics and recalibrate as needed.

Resource Scheduling auto-generates daily schedules with alerts for potential problems and easily manages PTO and overtime. With Resource Scheduling, you’ll maintain total coverage for rooms, equipment, and general assignments regardless of expected and unforeseeable scheduling changes.


Greater Responsiveness

The Resource Scheduling application facilitates communication between facility staff, with on-the-go access from mobile devices and a friendly user experience. Each day, schedules are electronically delivered to staff members so they know what to expect upon arrival to work. Urgent messages can be broadcast on the application, and all staff members have the ability to report issues.


Know exactly what’s going on with every cage, rack, and room with real-time dashboards. This allows Facility Schedulers to monitor daily progress, identify gaps, and reallocate staff right away. On-demand searches, reports, and charts show historical trends and identify areas for operational improvement.

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