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Animal research census software

Accurately track the animal population

Manage census activities easily with real-time data

Things are constantly changing at research facilities, so billing and cost recovery can feel like moving targets. With paper or spreadsheets, animal counts are quickly outdated, leading to wasted money and frustrated staff. You need correct data to maximize savings and empower researchers.

Thankfully, it’s easy with Cayuse Animal Inventory. Now you can see real-time census data on your tablet or computer anywhere with internet access. Compliance, accuracy, and peace of mind are just a few clicks away.

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Faster Insight, Better Decisions

Cayuse Animal Inventory is 100% paperless and integrates with your existing systems

Say goodbye to outdated records

Increase transparency

Improve compliance

Track Any Activity

Track activations, deactivations, protocol transfers, room transfers, housing-type transfers, account transfers, activation of weaning cards, and more with Cayuse Animal Inventory. We can configure it to match your facility’s specific activities.

Powerful Features


Scan cages with a mobile app for real-time updates and inventory reconciliation


Ensure compliance with behind-the-scenes protocol debits and credits of animals


Stay proactive with notifications for weaning schedules


Achieve accurate care-day charges with automatic calculation of all census activities for active cages during the period

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