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Modernize animal procurement

Streamline your procurement process for laboratory animals.

eSirius for Animal Procurement makes the submission, review, approval, modification and cancellation of orders easy for researchers. It also seamlessly integrates with IACUC Management, Animal Inventory, Veterinary Care Management, Resource Scheduling, Animal Billing, and Animal Services applications for a complete Animal Facility workflow.

Every eSirius software solution is backed by support from our dedicated Professional Services team.


Improved Protocol Compliance

Helping you stay in compliance is the primary goal of eSirius software. Our Animal Procurement application keeps your facility in compliance by automatically validating animal requisitions against the approved protocol balance. Exception receiving allows for the credit or debit of the protocol for partial shipments or extra animals received.


Increased Process Efficiency

Automating the procurement process quickens order turnaround. The eSirius Animal Procurement workflow routes orders from the principal investigator, to the facility supervisor, and to the animal buyer so they don’t get lost or forgotten. The Change Request feature allows the PI to request modifications to orders even after they’ve been submitted.

Transparency for Researchers

Keep researchers happy and productive by providing transparency into their orders. Homepage dashboards keep all details and progress in one place, negating the need for PIs to call the Business Office regarding order status or changes. The application also enables PIs to submit their orders to the facility animal buyer for commercial orders, non-commercial imports, and wildlife captures.

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