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Animal procurement software

Start research sooner

Easily order and receive animals for approved IACUC protocols

Procurement shouldn’t stall your research project. Once an IACUC protocol is approved, research staff must move quickly to procure animals and begin research activities. But if the procurement process is complicated, it can delay research, which makes PIs unhappy.

Now it’s easy to avoid setbacks and begin research on time. Researchers and staff can submit, review, approve, modify, and cancel orders electronically with Cayuse Animal Procurement.

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Faster Animal Ordering

Cayuse Animal Procurement is 100% paperless and integrates with your existing systems

Improve protocol compliance

Increase efficiency

Achieve transparency for researchers

Automatic Validation of Protocol Balance

Cayuse Animal Procurement integrates with your IACUC software to keep your facility in compliance by automatically validating animal requisitions against the approved protocol balance. And if you receive partial shipments or extra animals, you can credit or debit the protocol with exception receiving.

Powerful Features


Submit requests for commercial orders, non-commercial imports, and wildlife capture


Request modifications to submitted orders


Set up automatic recurring orders and see delivery schedule


Receive single or batch orders with a single click


Print cage cards anytime and activate census when orders are received

“It’s a lot easier for us to verify orders against the protocol with Cayuse, since the systems are integrated. It has enabled us to be ahead of regulatory compliance. We’re proactive instead of reactive.”

Lorraine Bell, Training Program Manager

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