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Animal health research management software

Deliver the best animal care

Get more done with automation and increased transparency

Animal welfare is key to compliance. But managing animal records can be complicated and time-consuming, especially if your facility has a large or varied animal population.

Now it’s easier to provide the highest quality of animal support with Cayuse Veterinary Care. Staff can focus more on animals and less on record-keeping, thanks to greater visibility and automation tools. The result is improved efficiency, organization, and adherence to regulations.

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Faster Animal Care Management

Cayuse Veterinary Care is 100% paperless and integrates with your existing systems

Respond to health issues sooner

Save time scheduling

Protect facility from noncompliance

Less Stressful Audits

An optional audit-trailing feature, 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, keeps historical health records and electronic signatures on each animal for convenient reporting when it comes to audits and inspections. Integration with Cayuse Animal Inventory provides protocol and census data.

Powerful Features


Create general or species-specific treatment templates for individual animals, groups of animals, or entire rooms


Set up activity recurrences and assign treatment activities


Access daily schedules on mobile devices and the online calendar


Report cageside health observations and incidents online


Record vitals in real time with anesthetic monitoring capability


Automatically create service charges for completed activities

“I’m very happy with Cayuse Veterinary Care and use it constantly! The system has made reporting health issues to the attending vets and the PIs much faster. We’ve reduced the time between an issue being reported and somebody checking on the animal significantly, and we can say we have documented follow-ups for all health issues.”

Catalina Guerra, DVM, Biological Resources Center Director

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