IRB protocol management software

Increase transparency and collaboration through all phases of human subjects research

IRB protocol management software

Easily manage the entire lifecycle of IRB protocols

Your organization’s integrity depends on ensuring research is ethical. But that can be difficult when protocol processes are lengthy and convoluted. And if your systems are manual or outdated, that limits visibility into protocol status even more.

Get transparency into all phases of a protocol with Human Ethics. Enjoy increased efficiency with 100% electronic preparation, submission, and routing of human research study protocols. It’s never been easier for administrators, researchers, and committee members to collaborate.

IRB protocol management software

Faster, more compliant human protocol management

Human Ethics integrates with your existing systems, and reporting CITI® training is easy

Accelerate review process

Improve transparency and collaboration

Reduce noncompliance risk

Researcher using smart form

Smart forms for faster protocol development

Make researchers happy by saving them valuable time developing protocols with configurable smart forms:

  • Familiar form templates developed with an AAHRPP-accredited partner
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop builder
  • Ability to revert to previous drafts
  • Skip logic or conditional branching allowing for answering questions relevant to the study

Powerful features


Collaborate online for submission, review, and approval with electronic routing, system alerts, and notifications


Compare submissions side by side for faster protocol review


See activity pipeline and protocol status with role-based dashboards and automatic reminders


Manage meetings with increased efficiency and compliance

“The Human Ethics dashboard is fantastic. The review trail allows us to see if something is hung up and where. In the past, it was unheard of to turn around something in 48 hours. Now we can do that. It’s really that much of a game-changer.”

Jonathan Lyon
Vice Provost

Want to see Human Ethics in action?

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Human Ethics

Improve collaboration among administrators, researchers, and committee members with electronic protocol preparation, submission, and routing.

Animal Oversight

Increase transparency of animal research protocols. Shorten turnaround time for protocol review and approval while reducing noncompliance risks.

Hazard Safety

Stay compliant, reduce approval time, and remove complexity from the protocol process. Keep research on schedule with improved collaboration and transparency.

Outside Interests

Make the disclosure process painless and increase faculty participation. Complete, track, and manage disclosures in minutes for more efficient research administration.

Training Records

Expedite the protocol approval process and foster a culture of safety by automatically cross-referencing staff qualifications with research activities.

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