Today we are excited to announce a new major release of Cayuse Resource Scheduling (formerly eSirius), the most robust scheduling application for animal facilities. As announced earlier this year, Cayuse acquired NTM Consulting Services, further expanding our industry-leading Cayuse Research Suite. The combined team’s development power and expertise have brought a first-of-its-kind product to the market. Now animal facility managers can allocate staff in real time, dynamically respond to changes, and deliver optimal laboratory animal care and staffing levels through an intuitive, modern application that interfaces with any existing system.

“We developed this powerful yet easy-to-use tool to solve the very complex manual scheduling processes of animal facilities,” said Naji Mourad, VP of Compliance and Facilities Solutions. “Manual processes are frustrating, since they can’t reflect in-the-moment changes or inform future planning. There hasn’t been a software solution that addresses this need until now.” Unlike most other scheduling apps, Resource Scheduling is specific to animal facilities, including specialized roles, terms, and workflow.

One of the major pain points for animal facilities is efficient resource management. Systems based on static spreadsheets and/or paper records quickly become insufficient when there are unexpected staff absences or emergencies. As a result, tasks can slip through the cracks, reporting and forecasting are difficult, and facility managers risk noncompliance fines.

This latest release of Resource Scheduling gives users access to real-time availability of the entire resource pool, enabling gains in efficiency, transparency, metrics reporting, and cost savings. Users enjoy reduced dependence on paper records, improved scheduling, forecasting tools to help with staffing, and a better understanding of the work that has (and hasn’t) occurred.

“Resource Scheduling is an exciting new module that provides us with the task management, people management, and time management that we’ve been lacking with our current systems,” said Kimberly Scott, Operations Manager, Veterinary Medicine & Surgery at MD Anderson Cancer Center. “The ease of scheduling and making changes or corrections is refreshing and the more we set up and use the metrics, the more information becomes available to us. We look forward to continuing to explore and utilize all that Resource Scheduling has to offer.”

Resource Scheduling now includes powerful features such as:

  • Scheduling and balancing of staff, rooms, and facilities
  • Daily schedules on mobile devices and real-time updates 
  • PTO requests/approvals and planning for shifts of resources
  • Immediate response to daily events such as unplanned absences and activities
  • Daily progress tracking
  • Quick access to in-app reports

See screenshots and learn more on our Resource Scheduling page.