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Animal Protocol Management, Simplified.

Cayuse IACUC simplifies animal protocol management with a 100% cloud-based system that speeds IACUC protocol completion, submission, and review while helping your animal research conform to ethical guidelines. Built by research administrators, Cayuse IACUC puts the humane care and use of animals first while also relieving the administrative burden and mitigating the compliance risk inherent in managing IACUC protocols.


Streamline Business

Reduce administrative burden, speed reviews, and increase overall productivity with a modern, intuitive interface and powerful automation tools


Flexible Smart Forms

Easily create and modify complex questionnaires and forms using an interactive drag-and-drop designer


Built-in Compliance

Ensure your animal research efforts conform to federal, state, and institutional policies with built-in compliance features throughout the system

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Smart Forms for Efficient Processing

Simplify the creation, modification, and completion of forms with Cayuse IACUC Smart Forms. Create intuitive forms with progressive logic (dynamically skipping questions depending on given answers) using an easy drag-and-drop builder. Smart Forms can also be viewed and completed by multiple preparers in a secure environment, simplifying collaboration and improving productivity.

Streamline Protocol Approvals

Improve collaboration and streamline protocol turnaround times with real-time commenting during protocol review. Cayuse IACUC also updates protocol status automatically as a protocol routes through the review process, updating relevant tasks and notifying key participants of any new action items.

Time-Saving Dashboards

Dashboards provide a high level view of active protocols, required tasks, and their statuses, making it easier to find and complete the job at hand. A consolidated view of the different phases of a protocol increase user efficiency and productivity. Users working on multiple protocols can easily identify and complete what needs to be done for each protocol.

User-Friendly Interface

Backed by two decades of satisfying the unique needs of research organizations, Cayuse IACUC helps simplify the complex compliance issues surrounding animal research. Cayuse IACUC features an intuitive user-friendly interface that adapts to existing processes to make the way you work easier and more productive. All innovative Cayuse software solutions are built to enhance and advance society and include the best support services in the industry.