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With pressure to find new sources of funding, meet proposal deadlines, and win awards against increasing competition, working in a pre-award office can be challenging. Not only that, but outdated organizational systems and processes can add to the frustrations.

Your pre-award office needs an easier way to submit proposals and secure awards. A simpler process for gaining input, edits, and signatures—ideally, with time to spare! A single place to find the most up-to-date budget, protocol approvals, and PI information.

Cayuse’s pre-award management software solutions will help you grow your research portfolio, comply with changing regulations, and reduce administrative burden.

Our pre-award solutions help you:

  • Control your entire research portfolio
  • Discover new potential sponsors, awards, and collaborators
  • Develop, validate, route, and submit proposals more quickly
  • Easily create budgets and projects
  • Reduce errors and compliance risk
  • Access the latest data instantly
  • Collaborate more with post-award personnel and other departments

99% success rate

for first-time submissions to

Over $35 billion

in funding submitted annually through Cayuse

More than 1,500

real-time validations for error-free submissions

“Proposals gives us a way to get those errors right away and make the corrections before we even submit. The amount of proposals that we submit only increase every year with Proposals. That wasn’t always the case before.”

Jennifer Mills
Senior Grants Specialist

Ready for easier pre-award management?

Fund Finder by Pivot

Quickly find new sources of financial support. Search and get automatic updates from the most comprehensive database of funding opportunities, from local to federal.

Proposals (S2S)

Reduce proposal preparation time and improve submission success rate with the only standalone system-to-system solution.

Get value faster with industry-leading implementation

In the past two years, 98% of our implementations were on time and on budget. You can trust our fast and reliable implementation process, which includes a “go-live” date you can count on. You’ll never be surprised by ballooning costs, either. We’re the only partner to guarantee total costs for implementation before you sign a contract.

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“Implementing Cayuse was a straightforward process, which we were able to finish well ahead of schedule.”

Dale Anderson, Data Manager, Office of Sponsored Research Services
University of Oklahoma

World-class customer service

All of our support centers are based in the U.S., and all of our Implementation and Solutions Consultants are former research administrators.

“We have a really good relationship with the Cayuse Support Team. Everybody is responsive, and if they can't fix something right away, we know they are on it and researching a solution.”

Echo Medina, Data Business Analyst
Rice University

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