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Managing awards just got easier

Post-Award Management Software

Post-award management can be a major challenge. Communication can break down between pre- and post-award offices, so whether processes are paper-based or computer-based, it can be difficult to locate the latest information. Tracking and reporting on award spending in a timely manner is no small feat, especially if systems aren’t integrated.

Your post-award office needs an easier way to oversee grant spending and effort certification. A single place to monitor overall financial health, spend-down, and risks to compliance.

Cayuse’s post-award software will help you be a successful steward of your funding, manage your research portfolio, comply with changing regulations, and reduce administrative burden.

Our post-award management solutions help you:

  • Oversee your entire research portfolio
  • Improve budget oversight for multi-year sponsored projects
  • Automate your institution’s effort certification and reporting processes
  • Generate easy-to-read financial summaries, burn rate, and P&L statements
  • Project future year expenses to control spending
  • Reduce errors and compliance risk
  • Collaborate, share, and integrate data with pre-award personnel and other departments

Ready for easier post-award management?

Learn more about our post-award software solutions:

Manage awards from funding to close-out. Track all project activities, funding, and spending with one centralized location for sponsored research data, files, and documents.

“We built an interface so we no longer have to go into Banner and do data entry. Now that we enter everything once in Cayuse SP, we’re saving a lot of time, especially for proposals.”

Aaron Parvis
Grants and Contracts Manager
Rice University

Quickly monitor active and pending grant funding, performance metrics, and upcoming reporting deadlines. Ideal for research organizations with modest funding.

The time required for quarterly reporting was reduced from 20+ hours to 2-3 hours with Cayuse Grants, and annual reporting fell from 30+ hours to about 10.”

Jonathan Scudder
Manager of Sponsored Programs Administration
Texas Biomedical Research Institute

Gain greater visibility into grant funding and effectively manage spend-down. Run accurate projections and what-if scenarios for future spend. Easily monitor and report on a large funding portfolio from a single system. 

“We were able to get all of our finance data loaded and up and running in less than a couple of months, complete with an import of our general ledger data, thanks to the support team’s efficiency and patience!”

Ann Ilibasic
Director, Government Grants Administration
Alzheimer’s Association National Organization

Ensure faculty meet their commitments to a sponsored project. Meet federal reporting and payroll verification mandates. Eliminate manual entry with automated preparation and data verification. 

“Trying to get our faculty together was like herding cats. But once we got them involved, it took them all of five minutes to learn how to use Effort.”

Matthew Katz
Assistant VP of Sponsored Research & Contract Management
Western University of Health Sciences

Visualize and analyze your research portfolio data to make better, more informed decisions, gain valuable insights, and drive better outcomes.

Get value faster with industry-leading implementation

In the past two years, 98% of our implementations were on time and on budget. You can trust our fast and reliable implementation process, which includes a “go-live” date you can count on. You’ll never be surprised by ballooning costs, either. We’re the only partner to guarantee total costs for implementation before you sign a contract. Learn More >>

“Implementing Cayuse was a straightforward process, which we were able to finish well ahead of schedule.”

Dale Anderson
Data Manager, Office of Sponsored Research Services
University of Oklahoma

World-class customer service

All of our support centers are based in the U.S., and all of our Implementation and Solutions Consultants are former research administrators.

“We have a really good relationship with the Cayuse Support Team. Everybody is responsive, and if they can't fix something right away, we know they are on it and researching a solution.”

Echo Medina
Data Business Analyst
Rice University

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