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Sponsored Project Management, Simplified

As the system of record for your entire research portfolio, Cayuse SP simplifies sponsored project lifecycle management from proposal creation to award close-out. Easy, single-screen access to all project data delivers transparency to each phase of your research projects, improving decision making and overall productivity. Web-based, anytime access and Cayuse’s renowned ease of use encourages collaboration and accelerates ROI.

Stay Organized

View your entire research operation, manage all sponsored project activities for any funding agency, and track budget details electronically for improved award management — all in one screen.


Seamless Data Sharing

Simplify research administration by seamlessly sharing data between the Cayuse Research Suite and your existing institutional business applications and eRA systems.

Streamline Business

Quickly and easily speed proposal completion, review, approval, award management, and close-out processes with an intuitive user interface and powerful tools.

Increase Productivity

Real-time visibility into project, proposal, and award status increases output by reducing time spent searching for documents and information.

Peace of Mind

Receive expert industry, funding agency, process, technical, and product support from our customer support team

Why Ball State Selected Cayuse SP

Listen to Augusta Wray, Proposal Manager at Ball State University, discuss why the university selected Cayuse SP.


Big Picture Views

Empower users with comprehensive views of their research enterprise. Give users easy access to all their sponsored projects at any stage of the life cycle from one screen. All data and attachments associated with a specific project are just a click away.


Intuitive Routing

Reduce the review and approval turnaround time to complete proposals in days instead of weeks. Intuitive, transparent routing enables administrators to quickly identify and resolve bottlenecks at every step of the process. Users can even track different elements of an award distributed among multiple accounts.

Everything in One Place

Cayuse SP acts as a storage hub for all files and source documents, so users are only one click away from everything needed to manage a research project. Access to general information, awards, budgets, accounts, personnel, events, proposals, subcontract, and miscellaneous attachments is available from a single screen.

Connect Critical Data in Real Time to External Systems

Improve research efficiency, data accuracy, and compliance by integrating Cayuse SP with institutional business applications. Cayuse Connect modules accurately share and track critical data throughout the research project life cycle, maintaining a single version of your most important data.

Cayuse Connect modules — HR Connect, Data Connect, and SSO Connect — provide integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Data Warehouse, and Authentication systems, improving efficiency, data accuracy, and compliance throughout the entire project life cycle.

Award Tracking and Distribution

Simplified account tracking and distribution ensures accuracy and saves you valuable time. When you set up an award in Cayuse SP, the information entered at the proposal stage gets carried forward to the award-management record and through to the project close. Different values of an award can be distributed and tracked among multiple accounts, simplifying the accounting process of all your sponsored projects.

Keep Track of Project Budgeting Details

Easily track budget proposals, award amounts, and how your institution manages award budgets down to the finest detail. Cayuse SP provides flexible single-screen summaries of line item costs for accurate planning and reporting or high-level totals for quick status updates. However you need to analyze direct costs, indirect costs, and award amounts, Cayuse SP captures and presents the critical data necessary for timely and accurate decisions.

User Friendly

Backed by two decades of satisfying the unique needs of research organizations, Cayuse SP helps simplify the complexities of sponsored project life cycle management. Cayuse SP offers a user-friendly interface that fosters productivity and wide-spread adoption with minimal training. Institutions are able to configure the system to meet their unique needs because it’s flexible enough to adjust to a variety of business processes.

See why leading research organizations trust Cayuse to help them simplify their processes, mitigate compliance risk and increase collaboration.