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IT Works (now Cayuse) offered a national scholarship essay contest, where entrants were asked to write about the importance of sponsored research.

Author: Kyla Hoffman

Why is sponsoring research in the advancement of technology important? That is simple, because it in turns advances society as a whole. Ensuring that society is advancing throughout the years is an important part of life. The opportunities of technological advancement are endless if we just set forth to find them. A quick response many people have regarding this topic is to simply say that the advancement of technology is important because we can stay in touch 24/7 and access information from anywhere. Social media allows us to stay in touch with friends and family, allows business to advertise, and can be used in a variety of different ways. We don’t have to wait months and months for a telegram to be delivered or travel miles and miles to say hello to a friend. Technology truly does make life simpler and more convenient. But to me, the advancement of technology means so much more than that.

Technology is saving lives daily and increasing the overall lifespan of our society. Take a moment to ask the mother that is watching her child battle cancer her opinion on advancing technology. Believe me, she will agree that it is extremely important. She will continue to hope that more life saving devices will be discovered, so others will not have to suffer like her family has. Babies that are born premature have higher percentages of survival and healthy lives, due to technological advances. An early diagnosis of terminal illnesses, due to technology, can truly make a difference in the length of a person’s life. Miracles, such as transplants, are now possible for those in need, not to mention the number of lives saved from car accidents and other traumatic events. A person can pick up a phone to call 911, rescue crews can get to emergencies quickly and doctors have all types of technology available to save lives. Technology on every level impacts the quality of life. I truly can’t imagine, and prefer not to imagine, how my life would be different today if technology hadn’t saved the lives of some of my loved ones, including my younger brother.

Making sure we have the best technology available, making ongoing improvements and developing technological breakthroughs are essential. The advancement of technology in every way has impacted every person’s life in some way or another. Imagine your life without a phone, without a computer and without a car. These are just a few of the items that some people take for granted and are underappreciated. Technology may be as simple as flipping a light switch, allowing you to check email on your phone or as advanced as saving your life. I am glad we live in a world full of technology. The advancement of technology is what makes the world a better place as time progresses. Sponsoring research to make our world a better place is something that is a necessity in society. Remember that we should appreciate technology for many reasons beyond that fact that it makes life easier and appreciate it for the hope it gives people every day and how it advances society in general.

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