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IT Works (now Cayuse) offered a national scholarship essay contest, where entrants were asked to write about the importance of sponsored research.

Author: Cali Simboli

In today’s world, we are constantly adapting. We are constantly demanding new things and new ways to do things. Without research, our demands would go completely unrecognized. Research is what gets us as the human race farther. Research is the product of curiosity, which is something we all have. We get curious, we question things, and then we want to know all that there is to know. So what comes next? The research. Without this curiosity and without this research, our society would fall flat. To gain knowledge is to thrive. Without research, our lives as we know it would be completely altered.

If the earliest of civilizations had not been curious about the dark sky, we would not have the knowledge of space we do now. Years and years of research done by men and women throughout history has led us to where we are today; a civilized society with the knowledge and tools to move forward. However, if we were to bring that research to a standstill, what would happen to us? We would become unaware. We would not further our minds to understanding all that there is to understand. Without research, we would not move. We could not go forward. We would be a bunch of curious humans who would leave this world without knowing the things we wanted to know. We would be a society of thoughtless people simply trying to compensate for the things we do not know. Without research, we could not say we were close to finding the cure for cancer, the disease that has taken the lives of too many. Without research, we could not find the most eco-friendly way to light up our homes and offices. Without research, we could not know that, even though bees are not our favorites, they do a job that help us all. Without research, we could not possibly have survived as long as we all have.

And there are still millions of things that have yet to be discovered. There are diseases that have yet to be cured. There are waters that have yet to be explored. There are species that have yet to be found. All of this is possible with research. Anything is possible with research. Life without research is not a life I want to live in. I personally find research to be a big part of my life. I enjoy learning new things and so do many other young people. This generation is curious, and I believe that many research jobs will be filled in the next ten years. With schools becoming more and more concerned with science and technology, research is finding its place in the minds of students. Children of all ages are eager to be the one to invent the next big thing. They are ready and are even excited to research in their field of interest. Our society shouldn’t be worried about not moving forward. We’re going places, one research paper at a time.

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