Portland, OR – August 11, 2020 – Cayuse, the market leader in research administration software, is launching the industry’s first cloud-native research platform with a comprehensive set of connected apps that cover the complete research lifecycle. The central hub of the platform is also being introduced today: Cayuse Sponsored Projects — the next generation of Cayuse SP that reimagines how organizations manage their research portfolio.

This new connected research cloud platform is the result of listening to customer input and investing more in R&D than any other vendor in the space over the past several years, along with making strategic product acquisitions. This platform approach will enable customers to:

  • Break down silos with connected, cross-app workflows
  • Have a single connected user experience across apps for researchers and administrators
  • Spend less time managing common data
  • Add additional apps quickly and easily, whether from Cayuse, homegrown systems, or other vendors such as InfoReady or Pivot
  • Enable integrations with ERPs or other systems through APIs

“Industry trends over the past decade support these new innovations, including the growing emphasis on integrations and the demand from research organizations to have a more connected suite of SaaS applications to manage the entire research lifecycle,” says CEO Matt McLellan. “Our new connected platform and Sponsored Projects app are built to enable comprehensive, never-before-seen access to the data that ultimately supports more data-driven decision making, which is something every research leader desires.”

Cayuse Platform and Apps

To reflect the connectedness between apps, the family of Cayuse products has also been rebranded with a focus on more descriptive names. Updated icons and new names all support the Cayuse platform’s intuitive approach of one look, one admin, one login, one task list, and one dashboard. The goal is an elegant solution that is simple and easy to use for every member of the research team. The new names will also support Cayuse’s international expansion efforts versus leveraging U.S.-based industry acronyms (e.g., IRB).

Also launching today is the new Sponsored Projects app, which is meant to be the research optimization game-changer. With unique features such as smart forms and intuitive routing, weeks’ worth of work can now be done in a fraction of the time. And all awards are just a click away, as Sponsored Projects acts as the central hub for accessing award, budget, account, personnel, event, and proposal data. Sponsored Projects is built to unlock additional value in other Cayuse apps as well. For example, on the pre-award side, a complete historical record is available with all details between Sponsored Projects and Proposals (formerly Cayuse 424) shared as well as audit trails and award statuses. On the post-award side, Sponsored Projects enables optimal transparency, by connecting with apps like Fund Manager for awarded budget/expense monitoring and quick visibility of account balances.